davey before bed

 my kids LOVE bathtime. and i love it too, ‘cuz bathtime is daddy’s job!  :)  granted, i’m usually cleaning the kitchen or folding laundry during bathtime, but it’s an opportunity for me to breathe while still being able to hear giggles and squeals of delight from my kids. 


after bathtime, we usually let the kids run around davey’s room. davey can now open & close doors all by himself (he started doing it when nana was here) so his "playtime" usually involves opening & closing the door about 25 times. sometimes samantha follows him and sometimes she stays and runs around his room and crawls all over his bed and drinks his water when he’s not looking (heck – or when he IS looking!)



other fun things davey is doing right now:

- learning to identify letters and words that start with that letter (such as "d" is for davey and daddy and drum)

- knows his colors and LOVES to color in coloring books AND have someone trace his hand

- says "I woke up!" when he walks in our room each morning and each afternoon after his nap

- says "I can’t fall sweep" [I can't fall asleep] when it’s naptime (most days, he’s out within 15 minutes).

- likes to lie on the floor and pretend he’s sleeping by snoring (note: dave and i do NOT snore unless we have a cold!)

- is obsessed with eating rice krispies for breakfast EVERY DAY. he often wants them for lunch and dinner, too.

- calls samantha "my baby. that’s my baby!" which i find so endearing.

- often says "no! i want to stay at davey’s house" when we have to get ready to go somewhere. but then on the way HOME from said "somewhere," he whines "no. i don’t want go davey’s house." silly boy!

- has begun asking "what’s that?!" repeatedly. it gets very old, very fast. but he’s learning so much.

- a few nights ago, after dave was done reading bedtime stories, he was sitting on the bed next to davey (he was also sitting up b/c he couldn’t "fall sweep"). davey reached over and patted dave/daddy on the back/shoulder and said "i love you, daddy." what a kid!

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