at 12 months she…


… is walking like an old pro


… is in the 95th percentile for weight (25.4 pounds) and 95th percentile for height (31 inches)


… is wearing size 4 diapers during the day and size 5 diapers at night

… is wearing size 12-18 month clothing (with a few items that size being too small for her hips/thighs and head)

… is wearing select size 4 shoes (her feet are fat from bottom to top so it’s hard to find shoes)

… is sleeping through the night (approximately 8:30 to 8)

… has 3 teeth on bottom and is finally getting a 3rd on top

… doesn’t eat as much as she used to

… takes bottles only at bedtime and naptime

… LOVES to toddle around after her brother


… is still an afghan girl – she much prefers knitted and crocheted blankets over fabric ones

… loves to rub her face into her blankets (especially when they’re on the floor) and she loves to eat her blankets (she actually tries to take bites out of them!)

… naps at least 2 hours a day

… is wearing pigtails (and she looks ever-so-darling in them)

… is saying "mama," "dada," and "bah bah" (for bottle, i presume) and "uh uh" (for uh-oh)

… signs "more" and "all done" but only when prompted 

… LOVES to look at pictures and will look at the same ones over and over and over and over and over (you get the idea)

… still has some excema problems on her neck (front and back)

… has a sweet sounding voice

… can give kisses, wave, stretch her arms up for "so big"

… still LOVES music and dancing (or wiggling)

… really enjoys when you press her nose lightly and say "beep!" in a higher pitch – it cracks her up!

… sometimes goes without a morning nap

… is always busy – always moving

… thinks our stomachs are her personal chair if we’re on the floor

… thoroughly enjoys climbing in and out of her rocking chair (toddler size)

… still sleeps in a crib 

… loves remotes and cell phones

… can go down an entire flight of stairs by herself

… is slowly making getting dressed less of a painful situation

… is slowly beginning to hold still for some diaper changes

… no longer has a favorite food

… gets frustrated pretty easily when she can’t do something

… can slide off the couch and davey’s bed all by herself

… will charm ANY stranger – anytime, anywhere

… has a BRILLIANT smile

… has big, beautiful BLUE eyes

… has hair that is growing in thicker and with more curl

… points to what she wants or where she wants to go (if you’re holding/carrying her)

… climbs on anything she possibly can

… has fun nicknames like "monkey," "monkey moo," "pork chop," "chubbs," "baby," "little girl," "sam," "sam-sam," "sams," "sweetie," and "mansa" (that last name is what our friend henry, age 3, calls her)

… is not perfect (not even close) but is an amazing part of this family and she brings so much joy to us every single day

 congratulations, sweet baby samantha (i guess we should drop the "baby" part of your name now) on your first birthday. may we all enjoy many, many more together!

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