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candy time

we bought candy-making chocolate a long, long time ago. a week ago, dave and davey found a cool candy mold at michaels. for $2. race car themed. requiring pretzel logs instead of sticks.


so i went out and found some pretzel logs (which can NOT be purchased at our walmart or our target). and on friday, the boys finally worked on their project:



but we only bought one mold, forgetting the chocolate needs time to cool before you can use it again. so they found other things that taste good with chocolate – marshmallows, peanuts and i’m not sure what else, if anything. 



but the best part of it all is admiring your handiwork…


… and then eating it!


we had a wonderful thanksgiving filled with family, appetizers, dinner, laughter, conversation, dessert, games and more. we trust you had a wonderful day, as well. 


today (friday), i got to go shopping with rachel. we don’t get to spend much time together and they were with her in laws for thanksgiving (even though they’re in the photo above), so it was good to talk and get caught up on each other’s lives. we were remotely successful in our shopping adventure, which did NOT begin until 10 a.m. and ended at 3 p.m. but we DID brave the mall and found some pretty good deals. 

oh dear!

so dave is taking this week off from work. the whole week. HIP HIP HOORAY! the kids LOVE having him home. so do i. yesterday i ran some much-needed errands…. CHILD-FREE! whew. it felt great.


today he’s smoking a salmon for our dinner tonight. should be tasty. 


what will i be doing today? well, i was planning on editing and ordering photos from august through now. and working on our Christmas cards (finally designed ‘em yesterday!). and to do lots and lots of laundry (mostly for the kidlets). but because of a mishap in the kitchen this morning: 

i will be cleaning the kitchen floor. ugh. i HATE cleaning the kitchen floor. i have yet to discover a better method of actually getting the floor clean than to get down on my hands and knees with a bucket of hot soapy water and a rag. sigh. [julie, just for you, this morning, i learned that i should not carry my laptop AND a mostly full bowl of frosted flakes into the kitchen at the same time. at least i dropped the bowl and not the laptop. and the bowl didn't break. so those are two things to be thankful for, right?]


no worries, i will also be doing the laundry. can’t get out of that one. yippee! (insert sarcasm here).


on a happier note, however, we received a package yesterday. that dave found and opened this morning. it’s from nana (who else?). and it’s got some GOOD stuff in it.


the kids received a talking book:


it’s pretty cool. it’s the story of "T’was the Night Before Christmas…" and my mom reads them the whole story. each time they turn a page (whether "on time" or "too early") the story continues (so there are gaps in the story if they turn the pages "too early"). it’s pretty cool. i think she found it at Hallmark. it should have a volume switch (it doesn’t). [thanks for re-recording it, mom.... can't imagine what the FIRST volume was like!] we’ve already had to threaten to take it away from davey. he’s not being quite gentle and loving with it. he gets a little excited!


samantha was in her high chair eating breakfast, so she didn’t get to "play" with the book (good thing, too, ‘cuz she’s been eating CHUNKS out of ALL book spines lately…. SO frustrating). but she did "ham it up" a little bit for me when i turned the camera on her:


the package also contained some old school lollipops that i used to get for Christmas EVERY YEAR in my stocking. i LOVED those pops. and then…. BANG! gone. never to be seen again…. until now. we’re talking a good 15 years later. so mom sent two bags. she probably sent them for the kids, but i’m putting one in my stocking and one in dave’s (if they last another month)!


and finally, as a special gift for me, my mom included a BIG FAT ‘OLE PACKAGE of felt:

i counted 41 sheets of felt in there (one of them is double-the size, so i guess that would really make it 42 sheets!). i plan to use these goodies in mini albums. and on scrapbook pages. and if i can convince a friend of mine to let me use her die cut machine…. well, you get the idea. mmmmmmm. it was a good thing for me to wake up to this morning!



my sink

last week (or the week before?) i showed you a photo from my laundry hamper. i no longer have any idea what i’ll find in there along with the dirty clothes, towels and sheets. 


the same is now true of my sink. last friday i was pretty tired, so i was zoning out on the couch while davey ran around before his nap (sam was already asleep). i ended up putting davey down for an early nap and then i took a nap, too. when i woke up and (eventually) wandered downstairs to the kitchen to work on dinner, this is what greeted me:

a sink full of balls.


while i was still on the couch, i heard davey running and laughing and he even came to me and said that he put two balls in the sink. i forgot about it. and apparently i let him run free a little too long. because we ended up with far more than two balls in the sink! see that little soccer ball? and the green & gold ball? i threw them away. they were in the dirty macaroni and cheese pot (which was full of water) for several hours. they were SOAKED and i thought it best to simply cut our losses and lose those two forever. 


i washed the rest of the items and let them air dry on the other side of the sink where i have a dish drainer. 


i can’t wait ’til i find weird things in the oven. and the fridge. and my bed!  :)

samantha before bed


samantha is obsessed with looking at photos. especially ones that are hanging up high. her room. davey’s room. the hallway. the freezer door. doesn’t matter. she loves ‘em all. dave is much more patient with her than i am. i can hold her and point out the same faces 2, MAYBE 3 times in a row before i’m all done with that game. but dave will show her the same photos over and over and over and over (he does get tired of doing it, too)!


she loves looking at the photos on a canvas in davey’s room. she just can’t get enough. i would gladly bring it down to her eye level (so we don’t have to hold her!) if i knew she wouldn’t touch, remove and destroy the photos (all in love, of course). here she is, ignoring daddy (whom she is crawling all over!) to see the photos on the canvas in davey’s room:


but every so often, you can steal her attention away from photos for some fun giggles and cuddles: 

davey before bed

 my kids LOVE bathtime. and i love it too, ‘cuz bathtime is daddy’s job!  :)  granted, i’m usually cleaning the kitchen or folding laundry during bathtime, but it’s an opportunity for me to breathe while still being able to hear giggles and squeals of delight from my kids. 


after bathtime, we usually let the kids run around davey’s room. davey can now open & close doors all by himself (he started doing it when nana was here) so his "playtime" usually involves opening & closing the door about 25 times. sometimes samantha follows him and sometimes she stays and runs around his room and crawls all over his bed and drinks his water when he’s not looking (heck – or when he IS looking!)



other fun things davey is doing right now:

- learning to identify letters and words that start with that letter (such as "d" is for davey and daddy and drum)

- knows his colors and LOVES to color in coloring books AND have someone trace his hand

- says "I woke up!" when he walks in our room each morning and each afternoon after his nap

- says "I can’t fall sweep" [I can't fall asleep] when it’s naptime (most days, he’s out within 15 minutes).

- likes to lie on the floor and pretend he’s sleeping by snoring (note: dave and i do NOT snore unless we have a cold!)

- is obsessed with eating rice krispies for breakfast EVERY DAY. he often wants them for lunch and dinner, too.

- calls samantha "my baby. that’s my baby!" which i find so endearing.

- often says "no! i want to stay at davey’s house" when we have to get ready to go somewhere. but then on the way HOME from said "somewhere," he whines "no. i don’t want go davey’s house." silly boy!

- has begun asking "what’s that?!" repeatedly. it gets very old, very fast. but he’s learning so much.

- a few nights ago, after dave was done reading bedtime stories, he was sitting on the bed next to davey (he was also sitting up b/c he couldn’t "fall sweep"). davey reached over and patted dave/daddy on the back/shoulder and said "i love you, daddy." what a kid!

thrifting slows down


so on wednesday, as usual, we headed over to the Second Chance thrift store here in town. i knew we needed a distraction since nana had begun her trip home that morning. we met up with mrs. julie (as davey calls her) inside the store. and we were quite disappointed at the LACK of good stuff this week. julie actually left EMPTY HANDED. not sure that’s ever happened. i came close, but then i wound up spending $3.79. wanna see what i got? (as if you have a choice!)

a bunch of books for the kids (25 and 50 cents each – i’m a sucker for their book section!). i’m wild about that dr. suess book with the owl on it (i read it today while the kids napped)! i scored that camera (on the right) in the outside FREE boxes. we’re starting an "old school" camera and video camera collection. i picked it up to let dave decide if it’s worth keeping or not (for free, i can’t lose, right?). and that jar behind it? i like the handle on it. it’s headed to my craft space. oh! i forgot to take photos of the boards i snagged in the free spot… will have to do that soon. not sure how i’ll alter and use them, but i think they have a bit of promise. perhaps as gifts with some vinyl on them…..


but back to the photo. see those flash cards? and the other cards? they were all in a bag together for 99 cents. what made me HAVE TO HAVE that bag are those go fish cards with the Little Golden Book characters on them.

i can’t believe julie let these go! i’m eager to use them in scrapbook pages… and to make a mini book out of them… or use them in a mini book…. or both.


here’s hoping that next week is a better thrifting week!


at 12 months she…


… is walking like an old pro


… is in the 95th percentile for weight (25.4 pounds) and 95th percentile for height (31 inches)


… is wearing size 4 diapers during the day and size 5 diapers at night

… is wearing size 12-18 month clothing (with a few items that size being too small for her hips/thighs and head)

… is wearing select size 4 shoes (her feet are fat from bottom to top so it’s hard to find shoes)

… is sleeping through the night (approximately 8:30 to 8)

… has 3 teeth on bottom and is finally getting a 3rd on top

… doesn’t eat as much as she used to

… takes bottles only at bedtime and naptime

… LOVES to toddle around after her brother


… is still an afghan girl – she much prefers knitted and crocheted blankets over fabric ones

… loves to rub her face into her blankets (especially when they’re on the floor) and she loves to eat her blankets (she actually tries to take bites out of them!)

… naps at least 2 hours a day

… is wearing pigtails (and she looks ever-so-darling in them)

… is saying "mama," "dada," and "bah bah" (for bottle, i presume) and "uh uh" (for uh-oh)

… signs "more" and "all done" but only when prompted 

… LOVES to look at pictures and will look at the same ones over and over and over and over and over (you get the idea)

… still has some excema problems on her neck (front and back)

… has a sweet sounding voice

… can give kisses, wave, stretch her arms up for "so big"

… still LOVES music and dancing (or wiggling)

… really enjoys when you press her nose lightly and say "beep!" in a higher pitch – it cracks her up!

… sometimes goes without a morning nap

… is always busy – always moving

… thinks our stomachs are her personal chair if we’re on the floor

… thoroughly enjoys climbing in and out of her rocking chair (toddler size)

… still sleeps in a crib 

… loves remotes and cell phones

… can go down an entire flight of stairs by herself

… is slowly making getting dressed less of a painful situation

… is slowly beginning to hold still for some diaper changes

… no longer has a favorite food

… gets frustrated pretty easily when she can’t do something

… can slide off the couch and davey’s bed all by herself

… will charm ANY stranger – anytime, anywhere

… has a BRILLIANT smile

… has big, beautiful BLUE eyes

… has hair that is growing in thicker and with more curl

… points to what she wants or where she wants to go (if you’re holding/carrying her)

… climbs on anything she possibly can

… has fun nicknames like "monkey," "monkey moo," "pork chop," "chubbs," "baby," "little girl," "sam," "sam-sam," "sams," "sweetie," and "mansa" (that last name is what our friend henry, age 3, calls her)

… is not perfect (not even close) but is an amazing part of this family and she brings so much joy to us every single day

 congratulations, sweet baby samantha (i guess we should drop the "baby" part of your name now) on your first birthday. may we all enjoy many, many more together!