what a weekend!

it’s been a crazy time around here. last wednesday, the kids and i drove down to seattle to pick up nana from the airport. on our way home, we stopped at the outlets in marysville to stretch our legs and do some quick shopping. we met up with dave/daddy in bellingham for a later dinner and headed home for playtime and a late bedtime.


on thursday the kids stayed home with nana while i went to Bible study and then on a number of adventures (aka: errands) around bellingham as i desperately tried to buy all the necessities for samantha’s big weekend. 


friday was a great stay-at-home day with lots and LOTS of baking (a 2-layer round cake, multiple cupcakes and a mini cake…. all-in-all, 3 box mixes. seriously. three). we had a play date in the afternoon with Cece and her mama, Christy (my roommate pre-marriage days). that night, dave and i had a "date" at our church’s Fireproof event. we had already seen the movie once (in the theater – at an evening organized by our "Young Marrieds" sunday school class) but in light of all that’s happened in the past few months with some of our dear friends, it was a good reminder (even though the acting is pretty awful…. especially the first 10 minutes) of various warning signs.


and saturday finally arrived. saturday was not only samantha’s party day, but it was also her ACTUAL birthday (which dave didn’t realize until we were all driving to the church where we hosted her party). it was two hours of chaos (i LOVED having all those kids run around!), sweets, presents, laughs, family, friends and fun. we are thankful for everyone who WAS there and we missed those of you who couldn’t make it. at the start of her party, uncle john, aunt babi and cousins kate and wendy called (from new york city) and sang "happy birthday" to the birthday girl. i was touched that they would remember her birthday (especially since i STILL have to send Kate her birthday card and her birthday was on the 3rd of this month!).



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