saturday at stoney ridge

nana (aka: my mom) is getting very upset with me for lack of photos. last saturday we went to a local farm to pick some gourds, get some cute fall photos of the kids, pet some animals, eat some apple cider donuts (mmmmmm) and just have a little family time outside of the house. it was a BEAUTIFUL day (meaning the sun was shining) but it was CRAZY windy. so windy, in fact, that a branch (or tree) fell down on a power line and knocked out the power to the farm. seriously. thankfully, we had purchased (and were in the midst of eating) our special donuts (the whole reason dave and i go to the farm – seriously)! the people who tried to order donuts for the next few hours did not fare so well! 


the photos i am about to share with you are NOT stellar. in fact, for the most part, they’re downright awful. two toddlers (yes, sam is walking now – started to actually "walk" rather than just take steps, last week… she also has 5 teeth and i believe is working on a 6th one) — anyway, two toddlers make it difficult to take good photos. no one stands still. no one looks at the camera. no one keeps their eyes open. they are constantly ON. THE. MOVE (and samantha more so than davey, i think). so i apologize for what you are about to see. it’s the best of the worst from our day at the farm:




so that photo blob should satisfy nana for about 10 minutes. but at least she now has recent photos to POUR over until my next post. AND she’ll be here on wednesday, ready to share in the festivities of sweet samantha… my almost one year old (gasp)!

4 thoughts on “saturday at stoney ridge

  1. What are you talking about? Your photos are adorable! As are your children! Thank you again for sharing your doughnuts…otherwise there would have been no living with Steve!


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