new jammies and stuff

 what could be better than wearing new jammies to bed?

davey got these for his birthday from his grandpa & grandma and we’ve been waiting for it to get cold enough for him to wear them… the time has come! he LOVES them. he strutted around the house for awhile and then GLADLY smiled for multiple photos!


but there is one thing i know of that will make this kid as happy as (if not happier than) new CARS jammies…. SOCK HANDS:

yes. this is his newest obsession… he removes his socks from his feet (unless there’s an extra pair lying around somewhere) and puts them on his hands. and he plays. with his "skoo bus" and blocks and all kinds of toys. he tries to eat with them on, but i’m on top of that one and make him remove the socks before i hand over any food. it’s so odd. and so funny at the same time. he’s obsessed with "sock hands." weird kid! he’s definitely mine, eh?


here’s "TURTLE BOY" at the park the other day:

he started crawling (instead of walking) across the "bridge" and he kept saying something. it took me awhile to use my "mom skills" of understanding but i finally got it… TURTLE. turtle boy. he’s got such an imagination. (and i LOVE that!)


before we left the park, i let davey sit on my bike seat (daddy was busy strapping sam into the bike carrier so davey had to wait his turn before he could get strapped in). i was highly impressed that he could balance himself on the bike seat because we tried this a month ago and he was a bit freaked out.

he’s growing up so quickly!

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