more misc photos



not sure of our plan for today. but the kids have costumes. special made by nana. and that’s all i’m telling you for now.


but because i know i’ve been very lax with sharing photos of my kids this month, i hope these make you smile….


she might be a powder puff player. she loves to "tuck and hold tight" to anything she’s carrying around the house… especially sippy cups:


and ‘cuz her piggies are so darn cute:


not to be out-cuted by his sister, i found this "ai yai yai yai yai" photo of davey on the computer:

i love it!


and i love that he wanted to be BURIED IN BLOCKS one day (sam was still napping):


and he pulls this pose/position so often – it’s a true reflection of "i’m comfy" for him!



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