cheesy grin

this photo cracks me up!

this is the face she kept flashing at me on sunday morning (after church) when she was crawling around on the steps in the sanctuary. i was trying to get a cute photo of her in this coat THAT I LOVE (thanks, nana!) but she would have none of it. i have about 10 photos of her from behind… and then this one. and this one makes me smile.


today we’re off to costco to stock up on some much needed items (like tp, paper towels, etc.). and perhaps a quick stop at walmart for more rice krispies (‘cuz i don’t know WHAT kind of meltdown we’ll have in 5 minutes when davey asks for more and i tell him we’re all out!) and then tomorrow we drive to seattle to pick up nana (with, perhaps, a stop at the outlets on the way home?).



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