celebrating and sadness

so on monday, we had a very big celebration in the house. some of you already know via facebook or a phone call. but on monday, davey pooped on the potty. (and we’re not even potty training yet!)


warning, this photo is GRAPHIC:

for my sweet son, davey, i am SO SORRY i posted this photo. but it’s such a huge moment of success in your life, how could i NOT post it?!  


and yes, he’s still wearing his CARS jammies. he wore them to bed on sunday night. and was SO EXCITED. he got dressed into "real clothing" for play group on monday, but when we got home, it was almost naptime and he was definitely into crabby mode and he REALLY wanted to wear his CARS jammies again. i figured "what’s the harm?" so on then went. he napped. and when he woke up, he didn’t want to remove them.


so we played outside with his birthday toy of MOON SAND and he wore his CARS jammies:


yes. sneakers with his pjs. socks, too, if i remember correctly. and i would like to point out that we FINALLY got to play with his Moon Sand b/c Sam was still asleep. normally, i work really hard to get their naps to overlap. but sam had a hard time falling asleep on monday. so it was the perfect opportunity for davey and i to have some fun without fear of sam playing (aka: eating the moon sand) with us!


about an hour later, sam was awake, they’d both had a snack and we went for a walk to the mailbox. i pulled the kids in their wagon (which they LOVE) and we ended up going around the "big" block. all the while, davey was in his jammies. i think grandpa & grandma picked a real winner there! (i could also mention the "life is a highway, i wanna ride it all night long" happy birthday grandson card that my mom gave to davey for his birthday. it really did play that song. and it was obnoxious after hearing it a million times. and i was grateful when it died. but it was also a CARS musical card. davey’s grandparents and nana know him well!)


and today, after my long day at work (the caffeine really did get rid of my headache), i came home to find this:

my kids were in their chairs. eating dinner. IN THEIR JAMMIES (that they wore to bed the night before! see it? the CARS shirt? yeah. there have been a lot of hours logged into that shirt already). auntie taryn babysat today and she kept them in their comfy, cozy jammies all day… WHAT A FUN TREAT for the kids! (you may notice, however, that davey is wearing mis-matching jammies. they were matching when i left. i’m guessing his diaper leaked a bit during naptime.) auntie taryn spoiled them with a morning of FORT BUILDING (which, apparently, occupied them for about 2 hours!), going for a walk, playing outside on the slide and many, many other fun things! auntie taryn, you can watch my kids anytime!  :)


and many thanks to Elizabeth who gave samantha an early birthday present…. a pinkish-purplish dinosaur webkinz….


i think she likes it – would you agree?! hope those photos make you smile, E!


speaking of smiling… or of Elizabeth… she’s the owner of Treasury of Memories, the store where I taught Tuesday cards for almost 3 years. The store where I’ve been working for the past few weeks. The store that closes this Saturday. Closes. Forever. THIS. SATURDAY. all done. bye-bye. yes. i am very sad. yes, i am SO THANKFUL for my family and friends who have been FAITHFULLY and LOVINGLY watching my children so i could spend hours and hours and hours there. i can’t count how many times i’ve straightened paper. moved cardstock. moved racks. re-arranged items. spun displays. vacuumed. bagged purchases. answered the phone. made calls (and almost said "this is Tamara with Strategic Consulting" instead of "this is Tamara with Treasury of Memories"…. i guess old phone habits die hard!). opened boxes. taken out the garbage. answered questions. entered the numbers "999999" into the register system. smiled and thanked customers. helped customers. searched for specific dies for the die cut machines. and much, much more. i’ve only "worked the floor" in the store for two weeks now. and already, it feels like a lifetime. like i’ve been there forever. and i wish, in many ways, that i could be there forever. that we wouldn’t sell out of everything. that we wouldn’t close our doors. that this chapter wouldn’t end. 


but to my dear friend and boss, Elizabeth, i want to say to you THANK YOU. thank you for giving me a chance all those years ago to teach. THANK YOU for all the "breaks" you gave me when i had my babies. THANK YOU for taking this time in your life to focus on YOUR FAMILY. i LOVE that you’ll get to be a stay-at-home mom. i know you’ll probably have a zillion things going on the side (seriously. you can’t just stay at home all day. i KNOW you. at least a little). i fully support and back your decision to close the store and be there for your family. you will NEVER REGRET it. NEVER. EVER. NEVER. and your decision – as hard as it has been for you (for all of us TOM girls AND Treasury customers) – has been an encouragement to me. FAMILY really does come first. so thanks for setting the example. for reminding me. for showing me how important your children are to you. and how important my children are to me. i love you, E! 

2 thoughts on “celebrating and sadness

  1. Tamara…what an incredibly sweet post! (Well maybe the first pic wouldn’t qualify as sweet…but definitely celebratory!) I’m emailing you separately too so I don’t ramble too long here! Thanks for everything Tamara…your hard work, your kind words and for just being you! :)

  2. Likes the entire post! Special thanks to Elizabeth for all of the wonderful things she did for Tam! And go Davey!

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