belated 11 months

photo shoot with samantha on saturday was a disaster. yep. she would NOT sit still for even a split second. this is the ONLY shot i managed to get of her with the elephant in the photo:

notice i did not say the only "decent" photo… i said the ONLY photo. sigh. she is not a very cooperative little girl! but i guess at least i have one photo of her with the elephant (to show her growth from month to month), so i should be thankful for the little things.



samantha, at 11 months, you are still such a delight. your smile can make ANYONE smile – no matter how upset, angry or crotchety they are! i will never tire of seeing your huge grin and twinkling eyes when i go in your room in the morning or after your naps. here’s an incomplete list of who you are and what you’re doing at age 11 months:

- wearing size 4 diapers (size 5 at night)

- wearing mostly size 12-18 month clothing (and some of the head holes for your shirts are still too small!)

- beginning to walk (you’ve taken up to 7 steps unassisted so far! we know you can do more, little stinker, but you just don’t want to!)

- you have FOUR teeth (one on top and three on the bottom, though i saw a 5th one – on top – on the way)

- wearing size 4 shoes (though you have fat feet from sole to the top – rather than wide feet)

- you LOVE food. and you prefer to feed yourself unless it’s bland baby oatmeal (which you LOVE)

- you drink a bottle (milk) only at naptime and bedtime. otherwise you drink from a sippy cup

- your hair is long enough for a "pebbles-style" pony tail and it’s SO. CUTE!

- you love looking out the car window as we drive

- you are very rarely afraid of other people

- you sleep through the night (for the most part) from 8 pm to 6:30(ish) when you get a bottle and then you fall back asleep until about 8

- when teething, infant motrin is your helper… not infant tylenol

- you are turning into a daddy’s girl… and i love that!

- you still nap twice a day (most days)

- you still nap well (about an hour in the morning and about 3 hours in the afternoon)

- you are a delight to those who watch you, play with you, love you

- you ADORE your big brother

- you can climb our flight of stairs faster than i can catch you. and you crawl right into davey’s room and up onto his bed. it’s your favorite place in the house!

- you still LOVE music, though you don’t dance as often as you used to

- you can clap, wave, "kiss kiss," reach your hands over your head upon request and say "mmmmm" for "moo" for the sound a cow makes

- you still put EVERYTHING into your mouth – toys, food, crumbs, clothes, shoes, bottles, cups, trash, books…

- you love books. and your favorite one to look at over and over and over and over and over again is a large book about God’s animals… it’s a book that auntie meg gave to davey… it has a few cut outs in it with fake animal fur and you love to touch the soft spots!

- you are finally beginning to laugh more and more – especially when i blow raspberries on your tummy or thighs when you’re getting your diaper changed or when i tickle you!

- you seem to prefer bland foods to sweet treats (the opposite of your brother)

- nicknames: Sam, Sam-Sam, Sams, Monkey (‘cuz you climb anything and everything), little Stinker (‘cuz you are), Sweet Girl (‘cuz you can be)

- you are our little princess. daddy and i love you so much. davey adores you. you have been the perfect addition to our home, and we are so thankful for you!



(And a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to niece/cousin Kate – her birthday was on the 3rd. And a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to brother/uncle John – his birthday is today)

this is uncle john with a very bald samantha and a younger looking davey back in february. the first (and last) time he’s seen sam in person. she’s a bit different now, eh?!

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