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more misc photos



not sure of our plan for today. but the kids have costumes. special made by nana. and that’s all i’m telling you for now.


but because i know i’ve been very lax with sharing photos of my kids this month, i hope these make you smile….


she might be a powder puff player. she loves to "tuck and hold tight" to anything she’s carrying around the house… especially sippy cups:


and ‘cuz her piggies are so darn cute:


not to be out-cuted by his sister, i found this "ai yai yai yai yai" photo of davey on the computer:

i love it!


and i love that he wanted to be BURIED IN BLOCKS one day (sam was still napping):


and he pulls this pose/position so often – it’s a true reflection of "i’m comfy" for him!



hot deals

what did you do today? i started my day a little earlier than normal. i was at jessica’s house by 8:20 a.m. we made our way to the mall (which doesn’t open until 10) to get in line at old navy for the big sale.


we had a small set-back at kohls…. we were locked in. we could SEE the SHORT line forming at old navy but we couldn’t get to it. and we started to panic. were we going to make it? before the rush? in time to be one of the first 50 customers for the "stuff your sack" (or stuff and sack or something like that) sale? 


thankfully, kohls took pity on us and opened their door to the mall earlier than they might normally. and we were number 7 in line:


i’m saying "we" b/c we used jessica’s GAP card to participate in the sale. i do not have a GAP card. i do not need a GAP card. i do not want a GAP card. but i like sales. and jessica knew that!


by 9:50 a.m., the line had grown quite a bit:



but when the bags (aka: the sack you must stuff) were handed out, we did it! we got the GOLD bird. that meant we got an additional 50% off our ENTIRE purchase. it’s normally only 30% off your purchase. but today, for the first 50 customers, it was 50% off. AND WE SCORED THE COVETED GOLDEN BIRD BAG! (and all your purchases did NOT have to fit inside that bag!)


we saved a place in line for our friend, shelly. she had a baby last week wednesday. seriously. little nathaniel. he is a cutie. and a sweetie. and i met him for the first time today.


but the day gets better. while we were standing in line waiting for the gate to open into old navy, we saw it. the glorious RED SIGN that says all clearance items are an additional 50% off. seriously. i got flush with excitement. giddy at the thought of 50% off clearance prices and an ADDITIONAL 50% off that because we were getting the coveted golden bird bag. i kid you not. i was like a kid with a quarter in a penny-candy shoppe. just ask jessica. i. was. GIDDY. and i DID confirm with an employee (before the glorious gate was opened) that the i could really get an additional 50% off the already 50% off items. 


when those gates opened, it was literally a FLOOD of women speed walking and running through the store. i zipped STRAIGHT to the kids’ clearance sections. there wasn’t much. seriously. especially for boys. but i did snag about 10 shirts for davey and some stuff for samantha (skirts, shirts, 1 pair of pjs, 1 pack of tights and 2 pairs of capris). i also found a few baby items to purchase as gifts for upcoming showers. 


and then i wandered to the womens department. where i shopped. and shopped and shopped. i tried on a TON of items. and in the end, i treated myself to quite a bit of new clothing. and here’s what i got: yoga pants, yoga capris, jean shorts, jean skirt, khaki skirt, sweater, 2 long sleeve shirts, 1 blouse, 1 t shirt, 3 tank tops, 3 pairs of pj pants and 2 l/s pj shirts. all for about $85. 


when i got home, i realized that i, accidentally, REMOVED the jeans from my "to purchase" pile b/c i thought it was a duplicate. turns out the jean shorts i bought were the SAME FIT as the jeans i decided to purchase. so instead of moving a duplicate pair from my pile, i removed the ONLY pair of jeans from my pile. oh well. i still got some great deals. 


(in case you’re wondering, i DID look for some stuff for dave. but he’s actually pretty "set" for clothing and i don’t think he would’ve liked what they had). 


after that, we dropped our bags at the car and had lunch in the food court. we got to eat with shelly, baby nathaniel, shelly’s mom (linda) and andrew & lizzie (shelly’s other kids – lizzie is 6 weeks younger than davey and they LOOOOOVE each other!). we ventured to payless shoes (i had a 50% off your purchase coupon) where we both got "ultra low no show" socks. and i got a pair of shoes. and jessica got some slippers.


we returned to our lonely cart at kohls and finished our day. (at kohls i bought jeans, black dress pants, a sweater and a necklace). if you include the two sweaters my mom bought for me last night at macys, here’s a (poor lighting) photo of all of my new goodies:


and a close up of the shoes:


and that, my friends, was my friday morning to afternoon. how about you?




 are you ready? i warned you yesterday… they are C.U.T.E!


seriously? i thought she couldn’t get any cuter than she was with that one "pebbles" pigtail. but now i love these little piggies. and i don’t want to go back to just one. not ever. not even for her halloween costume (she’s going to be Pebbles and davey is going to be Bam Bam)!


i must say it here for all to read…. I. LOVE. MY. LITTLE. GIRL (even though she’s not so little)!

photo catch up

it’s time to get you caught up on photos and other odds and ends.


10/24/09: samantha’s party (pink & orange & polka dot theme):


Do you remember the nursery rhyme that includes the following phrases? "little jack horner sat in his corner…." and "stuck in his thumb and pulled out a plumb…?" well, that was samantha enjoying her rainbow chip cake with vanilla icing (which was colored pink and orange thanks to food coloring). she kept sticking in her thumb… and she’d only eat the cake from her thumb. no other fingers. it was a wee bit comical. such a dainty little girl!  



sam got some great presents… a princess puzzle, a stroller, baby dolls, diaper bag, doll clothes, crocheted hats, MP3 player (baby style, that is!), cute sneakers that are currently too big, dr. seuss books, an olivia book (and two other fun books), some new clothes, a purple leap frog puppy, a baby doll pack-n-play, a ball popper and so much more! and from what i hear, there are a few other presents pending. what a spoiled little girl!


10/25/09: dedicating samantha at church:

  (i apologize for the grainy-ness of this photo… i had to doctor it up so it could even be seen – no flash… low/bad light makes for a difficult to see photo!)


10/27/09: samantha at the doctor for her one-year well-baby check:

 (outside the dutch bakery where we ran in to grab some dinner rolls while waiting for the doctor’s office to open up from their lunch break)

 (cheesy grin in the waiting room)

(saying "hello" on the "telephones" which are really thomas the train cars)


 (waiting to see dr. dave… i think she looks SO TALL in this photo!)


- she’s weighing in at 25 pounds 4 ounces (95th percentile – and 2 ounces more than she weighed a week ago on the same scale!)

- she’s 31 inches long (95th percentile)

- her head circumference is 29 cm (90th percentile)

so all in all, she’s a big girl…. such the opposite of her brother! she got FIVE (5) shots at her appointment and none of them were combined. after two shots, carol had to get some additional help to hold samantha down for the last 3 shots. it was awful. and i was there, helping to hold my baby girl down. ugh. but i know it’s what’s best for her. i just wasn’t prepared for it – AT ALL…. davey was always so easy. he’d cry and fuss and kick, but not like this. and let’s face it, even though he’s older, i just don’t think he’s as strong as she is!


as for me. i’ve been busy with my Bible study ("The Bad Girls of the Bible") and getting into a groove with working for Strategic (now that I’m all done at Treasury of Memories) and trying to "regain" control of my home (including eradicating clutter and excessive dirt)!


dave and i had a wonderful opportunity to take jeff & taryn out to dinner at giuseppes restaurant for dinner on monday evening. it was our wedding gift to them – dinner and our TIME. we had a great evening. we (easily) polished off a bottle of wine. we all loved our entrees. we closed the restaurant (well, we were the last to leave, at least) at 9:30 and then we finished off our evening with some hot tea at jeff & taryn’s condo. it was a WONDERFUL evening and i hope it’s the first of many evenings we get to spend with them!


wanna know something cool? today (tuesday) i put samantha’s hair into PIGTAILS! yep. i didn’t think she had enough hair up there. but she does. and it’s darn cute. and  you have to wait to see photos!  :)




what a weekend!

it’s been a crazy time around here. last wednesday, the kids and i drove down to seattle to pick up nana from the airport. on our way home, we stopped at the outlets in marysville to stretch our legs and do some quick shopping. we met up with dave/daddy in bellingham for a later dinner and headed home for playtime and a late bedtime.


on thursday the kids stayed home with nana while i went to Bible study and then on a number of adventures (aka: errands) around bellingham as i desperately tried to buy all the necessities for samantha’s big weekend. 


friday was a great stay-at-home day with lots and LOTS of baking (a 2-layer round cake, multiple cupcakes and a mini cake…. all-in-all, 3 box mixes. seriously. three). we had a play date in the afternoon with Cece and her mama, Christy (my roommate pre-marriage days). that night, dave and i had a "date" at our church’s Fireproof event. we had already seen the movie once (in the theater – at an evening organized by our "Young Marrieds" sunday school class) but in light of all that’s happened in the past few months with some of our dear friends, it was a good reminder (even though the acting is pretty awful…. especially the first 10 minutes) of various warning signs.


and saturday finally arrived. saturday was not only samantha’s party day, but it was also her ACTUAL birthday (which dave didn’t realize until we were all driving to the church where we hosted her party). it was two hours of chaos (i LOVED having all those kids run around!), sweets, presents, laughs, family, friends and fun. we are thankful for everyone who WAS there and we missed those of you who couldn’t make it. at the start of her party, uncle john, aunt babi and cousins kate and wendy called (from new york city) and sang "happy birthday" to the birthday girl. i was touched that they would remember her birthday (especially since i STILL have to send Kate her birthday card and her birthday was on the 3rd of this month!).



cheesy grin

this photo cracks me up!

this is the face she kept flashing at me on sunday morning (after church) when she was crawling around on the steps in the sanctuary. i was trying to get a cute photo of her in this coat THAT I LOVE (thanks, nana!) but she would have none of it. i have about 10 photos of her from behind… and then this one. and this one makes me smile.


today we’re off to costco to stock up on some much needed items (like tp, paper towels, etc.). and perhaps a quick stop at walmart for more rice krispies (‘cuz i don’t know WHAT kind of meltdown we’ll have in 5 minutes when davey asks for more and i tell him we’re all out!) and then tomorrow we drive to seattle to pick up nana (with, perhaps, a stop at the outlets on the way home?).



thanks for the memories….

"thanks for the memories…."   can’t you hear that music/song in your head now? is it stuck? good. tee hee! i’m a meanie like that!


yesterday (saturday) was treasury’s final BIG MOMENT…. we decided to GO OUT WITH A BANG and host our annual (sometimes twice yearly) garage sale…. IN. OUR. STORE. yep. never done that before. we used to host it across the parking lot at christ the king church. but since we didn’t need fixtures and we had limited product, we decided to try something new and fun and have it at "our place."


i went to the store on friday to help out (again, only thanks to my dear friend carrilee, who watched my kids, once again, ALL day… and then thanks to my husband who picked up the kids so i could stay a little later and help with tables….)


so we moved ALL the product in the ENTIRE STORE to the back wall:

yep. i think about 98% of our product fit on that back wall. sad. so very sad. and then we got all the tables set up and saturday morning was an EARLY day for many (not quite so early for me) to help set up for the sale. 


when i got to the store (around 7:45-ish), i found lots of people putting out and pricing their stuff. and lots of other people shopping. i dropped off my special treats and started shopping (my shift didn’t start until 8:30). once i started working, i thought it appropriate to snap a few photos (i had my tiny camera in my apron pocket)…



it was a full house… lots and lots of tables in our space. and lots and lots of vendors. and lots and lots of workers…

(tammy t, julie, me, sara, alissa in blue and waving at the camera, and elizabeth):


i also had the privilege of working with other fun TOM girls again… carly, elke, heidi fay, teresa, amy (elizabeth’s twin sister) and more. thanks for the fun day, my friends! it was a slower day than expected. but in the end, we still went out on a good note. so thanks to all those who came and shopped. and thanks to those who let me buy their unloved items for cheap prices. and thanks to elizabeth for all the laughs. and for the job. and the great memories.


and if you ever see amy, feel free to ask her about our adventure in the elevator when we returned these:

to their home in an upstairs classroom at CTK. (yes, that is my pathfinder, loaded down with 14 6-foot long tables. another 8 were loaded into elizabeth’s van). our adventure involved my hip (or my bum) dialing the "help i’m stuck in an elevator" button. yes. i’m serious. and we couldn’t stop laughing!


so to all my TOM girls… and to our loyal, faithful customers and to our friends, this is what Treasury looked like when Elizabeth and I left last night around 5:

quite empty. oh Treasury, how i will miss you!


(side note: the name "treasury of memories" will live on locally as a custom & wholesale vinyl order provider AND as a kit provider – magnetic calendars, mini books, etc. AND as an invitation business! so even though the store front is closed and gone, there are still opportunities to enjoy and experience some of what made treasury so great – the employees… the TOM girls!)

saturday at stoney ridge

nana (aka: my mom) is getting very upset with me for lack of photos. last saturday we went to a local farm to pick some gourds, get some cute fall photos of the kids, pet some animals, eat some apple cider donuts (mmmmmm) and just have a little family time outside of the house. it was a BEAUTIFUL day (meaning the sun was shining) but it was CRAZY windy. so windy, in fact, that a branch (or tree) fell down on a power line and knocked out the power to the farm. seriously. thankfully, we had purchased (and were in the midst of eating) our special donuts (the whole reason dave and i go to the farm – seriously)! the people who tried to order donuts for the next few hours did not fare so well! 


the photos i am about to share with you are NOT stellar. in fact, for the most part, they’re downright awful. two toddlers (yes, sam is walking now – started to actually "walk" rather than just take steps, last week… she also has 5 teeth and i believe is working on a 6th one) — anyway, two toddlers make it difficult to take good photos. no one stands still. no one looks at the camera. no one keeps their eyes open. they are constantly ON. THE. MOVE (and samantha more so than davey, i think). so i apologize for what you are about to see. it’s the best of the worst from our day at the farm:




so that photo blob should satisfy nana for about 10 minutes. but at least she now has recent photos to POUR over until my next post. AND she’ll be here on wednesday, ready to share in the festivities of sweet samantha… my almost one year old (gasp)!

celebrating and sadness

so on monday, we had a very big celebration in the house. some of you already know via facebook or a phone call. but on monday, davey pooped on the potty. (and we’re not even potty training yet!)


warning, this photo is GRAPHIC:

for my sweet son, davey, i am SO SORRY i posted this photo. but it’s such a huge moment of success in your life, how could i NOT post it?!  


and yes, he’s still wearing his CARS jammies. he wore them to bed on sunday night. and was SO EXCITED. he got dressed into "real clothing" for play group on monday, but when we got home, it was almost naptime and he was definitely into crabby mode and he REALLY wanted to wear his CARS jammies again. i figured "what’s the harm?" so on then went. he napped. and when he woke up, he didn’t want to remove them.


so we played outside with his birthday toy of MOON SAND and he wore his CARS jammies:


yes. sneakers with his pjs. socks, too, if i remember correctly. and i would like to point out that we FINALLY got to play with his Moon Sand b/c Sam was still asleep. normally, i work really hard to get their naps to overlap. but sam had a hard time falling asleep on monday. so it was the perfect opportunity for davey and i to have some fun without fear of sam playing (aka: eating the moon sand) with us!


about an hour later, sam was awake, they’d both had a snack and we went for a walk to the mailbox. i pulled the kids in their wagon (which they LOVE) and we ended up going around the "big" block. all the while, davey was in his jammies. i think grandpa & grandma picked a real winner there! (i could also mention the "life is a highway, i wanna ride it all night long" happy birthday grandson card that my mom gave to davey for his birthday. it really did play that song. and it was obnoxious after hearing it a million times. and i was grateful when it died. but it was also a CARS musical card. davey’s grandparents and nana know him well!)


and today, after my long day at work (the caffeine really did get rid of my headache), i came home to find this:

my kids were in their chairs. eating dinner. IN THEIR JAMMIES (that they wore to bed the night before! see it? the CARS shirt? yeah. there have been a lot of hours logged into that shirt already). auntie taryn babysat today and she kept them in their comfy, cozy jammies all day… WHAT A FUN TREAT for the kids! (you may notice, however, that davey is wearing mis-matching jammies. they were matching when i left. i’m guessing his diaper leaked a bit during naptime.) auntie taryn spoiled them with a morning of FORT BUILDING (which, apparently, occupied them for about 2 hours!), going for a walk, playing outside on the slide and many, many other fun things! auntie taryn, you can watch my kids anytime!  :)


and many thanks to Elizabeth who gave samantha an early birthday present…. a pinkish-purplish dinosaur webkinz….


i think she likes it – would you agree?! hope those photos make you smile, E!


speaking of smiling… or of Elizabeth… she’s the owner of Treasury of Memories, the store where I taught Tuesday cards for almost 3 years. The store where I’ve been working for the past few weeks. The store that closes this Saturday. Closes. Forever. THIS. SATURDAY. all done. bye-bye. yes. i am very sad. yes, i am SO THANKFUL for my family and friends who have been FAITHFULLY and LOVINGLY watching my children so i could spend hours and hours and hours there. i can’t count how many times i’ve straightened paper. moved cardstock. moved racks. re-arranged items. spun displays. vacuumed. bagged purchases. answered the phone. made calls (and almost said "this is Tamara with Strategic Consulting" instead of "this is Tamara with Treasury of Memories"…. i guess old phone habits die hard!). opened boxes. taken out the garbage. answered questions. entered the numbers "999999" into the register system. smiled and thanked customers. helped customers. searched for specific dies for the die cut machines. and much, much more. i’ve only "worked the floor" in the store for two weeks now. and already, it feels like a lifetime. like i’ve been there forever. and i wish, in many ways, that i could be there forever. that we wouldn’t sell out of everything. that we wouldn’t close our doors. that this chapter wouldn’t end. 


but to my dear friend and boss, Elizabeth, i want to say to you THANK YOU. thank you for giving me a chance all those years ago to teach. THANK YOU for all the "breaks" you gave me when i had my babies. THANK YOU for taking this time in your life to focus on YOUR FAMILY. i LOVE that you’ll get to be a stay-at-home mom. i know you’ll probably have a zillion things going on the side (seriously. you can’t just stay at home all day. i KNOW you. at least a little). i fully support and back your decision to close the store and be there for your family. you will NEVER REGRET it. NEVER. EVER. NEVER. and your decision – as hard as it has been for you (for all of us TOM girls AND Treasury customers) – has been an encouragement to me. FAMILY really does come first. so thanks for setting the example. for reminding me. for showing me how important your children are to you. and how important my children are to me. i love you, E! 

new jammies and stuff

 what could be better than wearing new jammies to bed?

davey got these for his birthday from his grandpa & grandma and we’ve been waiting for it to get cold enough for him to wear them… the time has come! he LOVES them. he strutted around the house for awhile and then GLADLY smiled for multiple photos!


but there is one thing i know of that will make this kid as happy as (if not happier than) new CARS jammies…. SOCK HANDS:

yes. this is his newest obsession… he removes his socks from his feet (unless there’s an extra pair lying around somewhere) and puts them on his hands. and he plays. with his "skoo bus" and blocks and all kinds of toys. he tries to eat with them on, but i’m on top of that one and make him remove the socks before i hand over any food. it’s so odd. and so funny at the same time. he’s obsessed with "sock hands." weird kid! he’s definitely mine, eh?


here’s "TURTLE BOY" at the park the other day:

he started crawling (instead of walking) across the "bridge" and he kept saying something. it took me awhile to use my "mom skills" of understanding but i finally got it… TURTLE. turtle boy. he’s got such an imagination. (and i LOVE that!)


before we left the park, i let davey sit on my bike seat (daddy was busy strapping sam into the bike carrier so davey had to wait his turn before he could get strapped in). i was highly impressed that he could balance himself on the bike seat because we tried this a month ago and he was a bit freaked out.

he’s growing up so quickly!