the mall play place

back on 9/9 (wednesday – the same day dave’s family came home from their road trip), the kids and i went on a special adventure to THE MALL with auntie taryn. i had won a coupon for $45 OFF any $100 purchase at Old Navy. seriously. i’ve been following some local "money saving" blogs and i won that sweet coupon. the kids needed some jammies and socks and i needed some fall & winter attire, so we set out on an adventure. the kids got some stuff from old navy (sam, mostly). and i got a few new items, myself. we visited macy’s where i fell in LOVE with a short-sleeve sweater cardigan (meant to be worn over a long sleeve shirt). it was not on sale. so i moved along. but i kept thinking about it. the kids were SO WELL BEHAVED that we took them to the play place to run around. sam’s never had the opportunity to move around in there before. and before i knew it, she TOOK OFF (crawling) across the play area (we finally moved the stroller and ourselves to be near her). 


what better way for me to tell you about her first experience playing in the kids’ play place at the mall than through a bunch of photos? i think the photos tell the whole story of the experience for her:




she LOVED every minute of playing. she crawled and climbed all over those grapes. if i didn’t help her "slide" fast enough, she’d lean so far forward that she’d start to tumble down the slide. and she didn’t care. as long as she was moving. she is DEFINITELY my climber-monkey. she has no fear. repeat. NO. FEAR. i am in for the adventure of a lifetime with her! but you can also see that she crashed… HARD… on the way home. 





p.s. (in case you’re wondering, i DID go back and buy the sweater at macy’s. i had a coupon. and to me, it was worth it. i LOVE it. even though it got up to about 89 degrees the day after i purchased the thing so i haven’t worn it yet)! i’ll have to share a photo when i do… but i’m kind of afraid that my friend sara will want to steal it from me!


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