ring around the rosy

 what do you do when  you’re 2 years old and your grandma & mama just taught you how to play ring around the rosy but now they say they’re too tired to play anymore?


you get daddy to play.


and then you go get grandpa.


‘cuz grandpa will do just about anything for you when you are his first grandson!



and, because you’re only 2, you sometimes get distracted and start JUMPING instead of circling… or falling… or singing….


and when you’re a really cute almost-11-month old little girl, you just figure out how to melt people’s hearts… especially those guys in your life…. like uncle tom and daddy:



 and when you’re 19 years old and you’ve been bike riding all day and you inherited this cool musical instrument from your grandparents on your recent never-ending road trip, you do fun things like this for the camera…

the rock star pose:


and the Bible character pose:


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