home again home again

 … jiggedy jig!


On Wednesday, September 9, Dave’s parents and youngest brother, Tom, FINALLY returned home from their 3.5 week adventure in their Huyandi Elantra. They visited family in Ohio (and they stopped at Moody along the way b/c Tom got guaranteed admission for January), Mississippi, Oklahoma and Colorado. And yes, they drove from point A to B to C to D to E and back to A again! We’re still in the process of seeing all their photos and hearing all of their stories… I think they  might need a mini book for Christmas so they can put some of their favorite photos in one place… don’t you think?!


I’m sorry you’re not in a photo, grandpa… but we love you and the kids were glad you were home (even though Sam was scared of you at first)!


Davey received an "aiw-pane" while sam’s gift was a cheerleader megaphone. dave got some real southern BBQ sauce and i managed to gain a cool hot air balloon puzzle. we’re thankful that they’re home, safe and sound (and that we don’t have to pay for babysitting now!  - JUST KIDDING! sheesh!)


it really is good to have them back. the first week they were gone was the hardest on me – i had to get used to a new routine with the kids and it was challenging, especially since my dearest friend, Carrilee, was gone at the same time. i had some serious doubts about my sanity that first week, but we pulled it together and ended up surviving without them.


and Dad and Mom are thankful that sam didn’t start walking while they were gone. a few steps here and there, but not much "walking" to speak of. she did demonstrate her ability to take a few steps the night they stopped by, however. i guess she wanted to show off a bit!

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