oops! we were delayed with samantha’s 11-month photo session.


yesterday (saturday) morning, dave took davey to get his hair cut. half way there, dave called and told me davey just threw up in the car. they came home. we spent all day loving on our little boy who threw up several more times. 


last night (at midnight) was samantha’s turn for extra-special love and attention. she threw up (big time) and got a bath. and slept in her crib until 5-ish. and then off and on in my arms for over an hour. and then in our bed for about 35 minutes. you get where i’m going with this.


dave and i are exhausted. thankfully, he’s healthy. i have managed to catch a head cold. i’m praying it stays at that. please, no vomiting for me. both kids are doing better today, though davey is still whiney (nothing new about that) and sam is still running a fever (likely related to the 2 teeth that are coming in).


so thanks for your patience. i’ve been busy today sleeping (not much) and doing lots and lots and lots of laundry. everyone’s sheets. and about a million blankets. and everything else in-between.

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