davey’s turn


davey can often be heard saying things like "MINE!" and "davey’s turn" these days. he’s beginning to speak in complete sentences, which is mind boggling. anytime i have an actual CONVERSATION with my 2-year old son, i stop and wonder… "when did this happen? how can we be having a conversation?" he amazes me. especially b/c he will NOT have a conversation when it’s not convenient for him (like when he gets a time out and has to tell me why)!


along with him doing amazing things, he is also really beginning to explore his world. by eating that black crayon. by climbing on things. by running around when he hears an airplane or the garbage truck. or when he pulls the border off his wall:

that’s what dave found when he went to get davey out of bed last friday morning. or was it earlier than that? so the kids and i had to make a special trip to the hardware store here in town to buy some wallpaper repair glue (which looks like elmer’s school glue in a different tube but cost more than 3x what i used to pay for elmer’s!). so most of the border has been re-secured to the wall. notice i said MOST. see, he found these small spots at the top and bottom of the border where every millimeter wasn’t glued down and he has tried to pull on those… thankfully it’s not ripped (yet) but it is rolled. so much for my vision of his super-cute race car themed room (that still isn’t finished… seriously?! could i finish a project?!).


but despite all of his curiosities and the reality that he drives me crazy many times a day, i LOVE him. and he’s been getting some extra attention this week (he came down with a cold late on tuesday evening and then shared it with sam, so i have two snot-filled kids on my hands!). most times, i simply envy his energy and his enthusiasm: 


and i love that he loves to learn and experience new things (mostly):

and i love that he loves kids. LOVES his friends. here are Davey, Henry and Lizzie. Henry was holding their hands and walking along the path at the park. Davey loved it. 


happy friday to all of you. we’re supposed to go to a wedding this evening and i’m looking forward to it. i’m hoping the kids have a good day and a GREAT evening b/c they are about to be babysat by someone OTHER than family or a close friend. this friday, september 4 is a monumental day. we are paying a babysitter today for the first time. sweet Ashley will be watching our little darlings for 4-5 hours today. and hopefully they will behave and love her so much that we will be able to hire her again and again and again (when we have to hire a sitter, that is). my biggest fear? that she leaves our house in tears and vows never to return again! so pray for a great evening for Ashley, Davey and Samantha!


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