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september randomness

 random stuff you haven’t seen this month:


i LOVE this shirt and i got LUCKY that the tights matched it so perfectly:


silly daddy… he had a little too much fun "changing" davey’s diaper after his nap one day:


i finished some organizational projects at the beginning of the month….

the under-the-stairs closet got new shelves… the coat closet in the laundry room was cleared out down below to make room for the carpet cleaner dave bought several months ago…. the coat closet overhead bins were cleared out to "purge" and store the too-small winter items for the children…



 i found an OLD FAVORITE childhood book at the library:





 oops! we were delayed with samantha’s 11-month photo session.


yesterday (saturday) morning, dave took davey to get his hair cut. half way there, dave called and told me davey just threw up in the car. they came home. we spent all day loving on our little boy who threw up several more times. 


last night (at midnight) was samantha’s turn for extra-special love and attention. she threw up (big time) and got a bath. and slept in her crib until 5-ish. and then off and on in my arms for over an hour. and then in our bed for about 35 minutes. you get where i’m going with this.


dave and i are exhausted. thankfully, he’s healthy. i have managed to catch a head cold. i’m praying it stays at that. please, no vomiting for me. both kids are doing better today, though davey is still whiney (nothing new about that) and sam is still running a fever (likely related to the 2 teeth that are coming in).


so thanks for your patience. i’ve been busy today sleeping (not much) and doing lots and lots and lots of laundry. everyone’s sheets. and about a million blankets. and everything else in-between.

11 months



today sam turned 11 months old. i’m hoping to do a small photo shoot this weekend. i will also do a "sam at 11 months" list this weekend. i’m working at the store tomorrow. 


in the meantime, here’s a new tidbit: i’m about to go and put her BIG GIRL car seat into the pathfinder. no more rear-facing seat. no more lying back. she will now get to be a real "big girl" by facing forward and sitting upright in a seat similar to davey’s. and i know she will be thrilled!




 today i go to work.


karla ran in this morning to buy some ink trays for display and some more paper for her upcoming show. she said there were about 100 people lined up outside before the doors even opened (at 10). THAT. IS. A. ZOO!!! so at least i know what i’m getting into this afternoon/evening… kind of.


i have limited time, so instead i’ll share a photo of davey in his new jacket from nana:

i did make him go find the football. it seemed appropriate. maybe, one day, he’ll have a real letterman’s jacket (though i’m hoping more for basketball than football)! such a cute kid!


and here’s davey’s new favorite way to play with samantha:

many of her toys piled into her lap. and around her. and on her. and she didn’t even squawk… just started playing. such a sweet girl. 


happy tuesday! it’s almost 80 degrees and SUNNY here. and i will be inside a building with papered windows. sigh. but it’s okay. 

the end of an era


today is monday. i hope today goes better than last monday. last monday evening i had an employee meeting at my favorite store in the whole wide world: Treasury of Memories. i’ve been teaching card classes there since november 2006 – almost 3 years! (minus a few months of maternity leave with each baby)! and elizabeth (store owner) dropped a major BOMB on us:




"the store is closing."


yes. closing. not selling to another owner. simply closing. in one week. 


(i won’t tell you that just a few weeks ago i had a NIGHTMARE. when i went to work to teach the next day, i told Elizabeth about my nightmare and that i needed her reassurance it wasn’t true. my nightmare? yep. that the store was closing. i did wake up in a panic. and this nightmare was a few weeks ago. totally weird. really weird. but i wasn’t going to tell you about it. but i just did. oops!)


this employee meeting was last week, mind you, so yesterday, i spent my afternoon and early evening at the store working SO HARD to get things priced, move fixtures from the back room, move all of our backstock product onto the floor. CRAZY! i think there were about 15 of us working throughout the day to try to get everything done. it didn’t all happen. so some amazing TOM girls are returning today to finish the job(s). i’ve got the kiddos and can’t help today. but i will be working at the store, 3 days a week, until it closes. we’re thinking it’ll last a few weeks, but it might only last a week. we don’t really know. it depends on how quickly everything sells. and i do mean everything.


for those of you who know me, you know that this store was a 2nd home to me. even before i worked there, i LOVED to go into Treasury. they knew my name (kinda like that opening theme song to the TV show Cheers?!). they were friendly. helpful. VERY helpful. they even designed a class just for my two friends and i when they learned that we were VERY disappointed with our COLLAGE class we took at a scrapbooking convention (remember that, Taya and Kels?)! it was the first store where i finally "caved" and spent more than a dime on one sheet of paper. (let’s not mention that i will now drop $1 a sheet without batting an eyelash)! i learned how to make layouts and cards and canvas projects and mini books and other fun things. i took classes from "scrapbooking celebrities."

i learned how to use the giant, scary die cut machines (thanks, shawn). i was on the Design Team (to make store samples in exchange for free product). i became a TEACHER (of cards). i met awesome people – both employees and customers. i had MANY, MANY laughs. i even ooked forward to the days (years from now) when my kids would be in school so i could actually work on the sales floor!


and now it’s closing it’s doors. it makes me sad. it makes all of us sad. it’s hard to say goodbye to something like that. it’s not just a store. they’re family. my family. and while i know, without a doubt, that Elizabeth is doing the RIGHT thing for her family (she wants to spend more time with her two young boys, who can blame her? i’m a stay-at-home mom and i feel SO GRATEFUL!), it’s still hard. very, very hard. and these next few weeks will be exhausting – both physically (i haven’t worked retail in a long, LONG time) and emotionally. 


so if you think of me, please pray for me. please pray for my family. i’ll be away from my kids a lot during the week. dave is still REALLY busy at work. so this is going to be hard for us. i’m so thankful that my mother-in-law is willing to watch the kids once a week for me (most weeks). and i’m overwhelmed by my dear friend carrilee, who wants to take the kids as often as possible so i can spend as much time as possible at the store. i am blessed. abundantly. and please pray for the rest of the TOM (Treasury of Memories) girls. this is going to be hard on ALL of us. 


(**all photos in this post are from 2006.)

ring around the rosy

 what do you do when  you’re 2 years old and your grandma & mama just taught you how to play ring around the rosy but now they say they’re too tired to play anymore?


you get daddy to play.


and then you go get grandpa.


‘cuz grandpa will do just about anything for you when you are his first grandson!



and, because you’re only 2, you sometimes get distracted and start JUMPING instead of circling… or falling… or singing….


and when you’re a really cute almost-11-month old little girl, you just figure out how to melt people’s hearts… especially those guys in your life…. like uncle tom and daddy:



 and when you’re 19 years old and you’ve been bike riding all day and you inherited this cool musical instrument from your grandparents on your recent never-ending road trip, you do fun things like this for the camera…

the rock star pose:


and the Bible character pose:


the mall play place

back on 9/9 (wednesday – the same day dave’s family came home from their road trip), the kids and i went on a special adventure to THE MALL with auntie taryn. i had won a coupon for $45 OFF any $100 purchase at Old Navy. seriously. i’ve been following some local "money saving" blogs and i won that sweet coupon. the kids needed some jammies and socks and i needed some fall & winter attire, so we set out on an adventure. the kids got some stuff from old navy (sam, mostly). and i got a few new items, myself. we visited macy’s where i fell in LOVE with a short-sleeve sweater cardigan (meant to be worn over a long sleeve shirt). it was not on sale. so i moved along. but i kept thinking about it. the kids were SO WELL BEHAVED that we took them to the play place to run around. sam’s never had the opportunity to move around in there before. and before i knew it, she TOOK OFF (crawling) across the play area (we finally moved the stroller and ourselves to be near her). 


what better way for me to tell you about her first experience playing in the kids’ play place at the mall than through a bunch of photos? i think the photos tell the whole story of the experience for her:




she LOVED every minute of playing. she crawled and climbed all over those grapes. if i didn’t help her "slide" fast enough, she’d lean so far forward that she’d start to tumble down the slide. and she didn’t care. as long as she was moving. she is DEFINITELY my climber-monkey. she has no fear. repeat. NO. FEAR. i am in for the adventure of a lifetime with her! but you can also see that she crashed… HARD… on the way home. 





p.s. (in case you’re wondering, i DID go back and buy the sweater at macy’s. i had a coupon. and to me, it was worth it. i LOVE it. even though it got up to about 89 degrees the day after i purchased the thing so i haven’t worn it yet)! i’ll have to share a photo when i do… but i’m kind of afraid that my friend sara will want to steal it from me!


home again home again

 … jiggedy jig!


On Wednesday, September 9, Dave’s parents and youngest brother, Tom, FINALLY returned home from their 3.5 week adventure in their Huyandi Elantra. They visited family in Ohio (and they stopped at Moody along the way b/c Tom got guaranteed admission for January), Mississippi, Oklahoma and Colorado. And yes, they drove from point A to B to C to D to E and back to A again! We’re still in the process of seeing all their photos and hearing all of their stories… I think they  might need a mini book for Christmas so they can put some of their favorite photos in one place… don’t you think?!


I’m sorry you’re not in a photo, grandpa… but we love you and the kids were glad you were home (even though Sam was scared of you at first)!


Davey received an "aiw-pane" while sam’s gift was a cheerleader megaphone. dave got some real southern BBQ sauce and i managed to gain a cool hot air balloon puzzle. we’re thankful that they’re home, safe and sound (and that we don’t have to pay for babysitting now!  - JUST KIDDING! sheesh!)


it really is good to have them back. the first week they were gone was the hardest on me – i had to get used to a new routine with the kids and it was challenging, especially since my dearest friend, Carrilee, was gone at the same time. i had some serious doubts about my sanity that first week, but we pulled it together and ended up surviving without them.


and Dad and Mom are thankful that sam didn’t start walking while they were gone. a few steps here and there, but not much "walking" to speak of. she did demonstrate her ability to take a few steps the night they stopped by, however. i guess she wanted to show off a bit!

why so happy?


"why is this little girl so happy," you ask?


well, if you could FINALLY wear a bam-bam style ponytail (directly on top of your head, sticking straight up), wouldn’t you be happy, too?




and this little guy is pretty happy about his fun hair, too (even though his face is more goofy than happy here). it’s getting too long to spike (darn – time for another haircut!) so when i actually "do" his hair, it turns into a faux hawk. totally cool. 

catching up – labor day

okay. b/c i’ve been requested to return to photo sharing (though only one person seems to have noticed my blogging absence… really? only one? does anyone actually read my thoughts? no matter. their mine. and i will continue to share them…. i digress – as usual)…


on labor day, we had zero plans. love that. sometimes i hate it. this year i loved it. dave wanted to use his smoker at least once this season, so on sunday evening we ventured out to get some pork. and wood chips. and stuff like that. and dave found a new smoker (on sale) that he really wanted….


so i gave in and here he is with his newest toy:

we had bbq pork sandwiches late on monday. and we shared them with jeff and taryn. yeah! they were SOOOO good…. hopefully we’ll use this guy more than once a year! additionally, we have an extra smoker if anyone’s in the market for one…..  


earlier in the day on monday, though, we had a fun, surprise visitor…. AUNTIE RACHEL! the kids had runny noses (they had them for over 2 weeks!) so we couldn’t go play with rachel’s other nieces & nephews (from her husband’s side of the family) so the kids got Auntie Rachel (or "auntie wachel piderman" as davey calls her) all to themselves! she delivered THE CUTEST homemade barrettes for samantha. Ashley (married Ben, Sterling’s brother) made them for Samantha and we need to send her a thank you card. in the meantime, this blog post will suffice. apparently, she also has an etsy shop that i need to find. but here’s sam modeling some of the barrettes:




davey had fun with auntie wachel, even though she did not have any barrettes for him (though that doesn’t stop him from wanting to wear sam’s….):


it was a relatively relaxing monday that we spent together as a family. we need more of those kinds of days around here!