tub time


we did go to the fair last week. i have zero decent photos. davey was crabby. dave hates the fair, but likes spending time with his family (which is why he went with us). and i have zero decent photos. so i apologize for my false promise last week about fair photos on thursday.


for now, however, i will give you some "silly davey tub time" shots:



davey still has a lot of fun in the bathtub (and he likes bath time again, nana) but sometimes he gets a little too excited and splashes too much… and then he gets in trouble. but saturday night, he was cracking me up with that net with the suction cups. he kept sticking them on his body (usually over his nipples) and then he’d look at me with this HUGE grin!


samantha, on the other hand, is our naughty child. she will not STAY SEATED in the bathtub. we’ve tried everything we can think of. so she usually gets in, plays for less than 5 minutes (b/c she gets in trouble 20 times for standing up) and then gets washed and is removed from the tub. i don’t know what else to do with her!


shortly after the above photo was taken, she stood up. and peed. looked right at us (we were still marveling over davey’s comedy act) and peed. while standing up. peed into the clean tub water.




these kids… what am i going to do with them?!



and i just discovered that today is the 24th. i kept thinking it was tomorrow. so that means TODAY samantha jane is 10 months old. i’ve already begun "sneaking" whole milk into her formula bottles. we opened a new can of formula yesterday. i’m hoping it’s the last can we have to open for her. ever. (if she can tolerate the whole milk). i guess we’ll have a photo shoot today instead of tomorrow. 

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