funny faces

it’s killer, huh? that face, i mean. the look. her look. i have a feeling there will be lots of daddy & mama "melting" in the future. she’s got the look. buddy dee – think she could qualify for the prize of "best pouty face maker"? i’m quite impressed, really.


she’s been a bit of a handful lately. still a dream child compared to what she once was (i prefer not to remember those days too clearly). but lately i’ve been getting up several times a night. and b/c she’s not a pacifier baby, the only thing that really calms her down and helps her fall back asleep is a bottle. so she gets 8 oz when she goes to bed (8 or 9-ish). then around 2 she gets another 4 oz b/c she woke up. and every morning, without fail, she gets another 8 oz at 6(ish) when she wakes up. (then she falls back asleep until 7:30 or 8). so even though i only have to give her a bottle and go back to bed myself, i have to wake up. get out of bed. make the bottle. give it to her. get back in bed. and try to fall back to sleep myself. this happens about  out of every 7 nights. it’s exhausting. with davey, i could just give him his binky and that worked great. i don’t know what to do with this girl. but this 2 or 4 a.m. thing has got to stop. it’s killing me. any suggestions?


also, we’ve had a few nights where she’s had nightmares or night terrors. crying and screaming in her sleep. poor thing. i feel so helpless. we usually have to wake her up then get her to calm down and then she can go back to sleep. i hate hearing her sniffle. or cry. especially in her sleep. it’s killer. any suggestions?


on a happier note, however, she is SO MUCH FUN (most days) and she really does brighten my day. make me laugh. make me smile. she has a few faces/noises that she does that ALWAYS bring a smile to my face. by some miracle of all miracles, i managed to capture two of them on camera recently.


here she is making a "brrrrrrrbbbbbbbb" noise (almost like the noise one makes when playing with little kids and various cars, trucks and other motor vehicles) with her lips:


and this one is probably my all-time favorite. she wrinkles her nose. breathes in and out really fast through her nose and it CRACKS. ME. UP.


now, if only i could capture a photo of her frequent "downward facing dog" pose (i’m serious, she does it ALL. THE. TIME. but we can never capture it on camera!), i’d be one happy(ier) mama! 


she is pretty darn cute though, eh?

3 thoughts on “funny faces

  1. my friend & i just chatted about this last night. haven’t had a problem with this but she has and her pediatrician told her to start diluting the bottle with water 1/4 each time. the ped said that the baby doesn’t need the calories but wants to suck. once the baby realizes he/she’s will just get watered down formula or water they’ll stop waking for the bottle. she said it worked for her. i can get you her email address if you’d like more info and/or encouragement. hope it works for you too!

  2. That last picture of Sam is funny–I think Kellan made that same face with similar sounds! She is getting so big and I love to hear what she’s up to since the boy I babysit for is about the same age as her. It’s fun to “compare”! Some photos of her totally remind me of you when you were younger!

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