almost over

we’ve had a good weekend. as the summer winds down, we always feel the need to start doing things we should’ve been doing all summer. like going for bike rides. in the past week, we’ve gone on 3 or 4 bike rides to the park. i even braved it and biked the kids by myself one day!  


for the most part, they get along really well and we’re so thankful. davey is now getting to the "mine! mine!" stage, which means there’s quite a bit more pushing, pulling, shoving, hitting, bopping (and other such "ing" words) going on in our home. being in such close quarters in the bike trailer sometimes heightens such one-sided arguments, so we have to watch the clock for the trip to AND from the park. but in the end, it’s really worth it. 


we used to LOVE bathtime. the kids were both happy. and obedient. for the past two weeks, however, samantha has been standing up. frequently. throughout bathtime. she gets in trouble. she gets swats. it’s not uncommon to hear "SAM. SIT DOWN!" out of the mouths of any of us (since davey still repeats a lot of what we say). it’s frustrating. and then b/c sam is getting all the attention, davey starts to stand up. sigh. someday we’ll love bathtime again, right?


but despite all of that, they are so. darn. cute. dave gave them some mohawks the other night:

not a great photo of them together, for whatever reason, it’s the one i chose to share with you. i do think it’s funny that davey looks like he’s pinching his nose ‘cuz sam tooted (though she didn’t). 



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