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the abbottsford (british columbia, canada) airshow was this past weekend. planes and jets and fighter jets were flying overhead all day thursday (practice) and friday, saturday & sunday for the show. abbottsford is just over the border to the east, so the planes were flying over lynden to "loop around." davey LOVES airplanes. nana took him outside almost every time they heard an airplane. they would search the sky for signs of the plane. we saw some really cool jets and planes fly overhead over the weekend. we wanted to take davey to the show on saturday (or, should i say, to a field where we could more easily see the planes fly overhead but not have to pay the ridiculous admissions cost), but it was really cloudy and we didn’t think it’d be worth it. we should’ve tried on sunday, but naptimes always get in the way. 




so while daddy and sam were napping on sunday, davey and i went outside and watched for the airplanes. i didn’t have my camera when the cool jets flew overhead – about 9 of them at one time in a tight formation – and i didn’t have my camera with me when i saw davey RUN ACROSS THE YARD to look for the plane(s). in his most excited little two-year old voice, he exclaimed "AI-PANE!" i can still see the twinkle of delight. joy. astonishment. surprise. glee. in his eyes. he was truly amazed. truly impressed. truly excited. and even though i don’t have a photograph to remember that moment, i don’t think i’ll ever need one. b/c in that moment. that short window of time, i was reminded what it was like to be a kid. to be SO EXCITED about something. to feel like you had to run forever to see something when, in reality, it was only 10 feet. in that moment, our yard was big enough. he had enough toys. we had everything we needed and wanted. i had what i wanted most: a happy, healthy little boy. and i think, b/c i saw so much in that short moment of time, i think i have a photograph etched in my mind. and i hope it stays there forever.  



and on a separate note: on monday night, sam screamed for about an hour (starting at 2). with me holding her. without anyone in the room. about an hour. the she slept for about 20 minutes and resumed a 5-minute screaming session. she got her usual bottle a few hours later at 6. and she slept until 9. 


on tuesday night, there was no screaming. no waking up. simply bedtime bottle and 6 a.m. bottle. 


last night there was some crying/fussing around 2:30. she was actually CALM and QUIET if i held her. she fell back asleep in my arms. after about 20 minutes i put her back in bed. and at 7 she woke up for her bottle (and did not go back to sleep).


that’s progress, right?

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  1. Awww Tam – your description of those moments with Davey just made me smile, all the way in my heart. It reminds me of the preciousness of our children, and of their pure delight and joy at the most commonplace (to us) things!! May you have many more photographs such as this etched on your mind!! Keep those memories in your mind during those times when frustration (such as Sam’s seemingly endless fussing) happen! That’s what makes it all worthwhile!!

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