absent minded

so last week’s weather was unbearably hot (record highs in the upper 90s!) and this week is freakishly cold (for summertime – down in the low 70s)… so it’s been nearly impossible for me to get stuff done. first, it was too hot. then with the drastic weather change, i’ve been EXHAUSTED all week. so today i have declared it GET STUFF DONE day. next week, i PROMISE i will resume with some regular posts. photos. stories. updates. you name it. but today, i must leave my computer and continue with my list. 


it’s 11:27 a.m. and thus far, i have accomplished the following:

- kids dressed and fed

- visited two grocery stores AND purchased items have been put away

- bank deposit

- drop off at the dry cleaner

- pick up at the pharmacy

- drop off at the recycling center (just some cardboard boxes)

- sam down for her morning nap

- first load of laundry started – the rest is sorted and ready to go

- cleaned two bathrooms (minus the showers & floors – that part is still to come)

- started to address the "linens" mess in our room (queen size "guest" bedding that needs a home)

- emptied the dishwasher


i have a LOT more to do, so i’d best get to it. i’ll update you soon.

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