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almost over

we’ve had a good weekend. as the summer winds down, we always feel the need to start doing things we should’ve been doing all summer. like going for bike rides. in the past week, we’ve gone on 3 or 4 bike rides to the park. i even braved it and biked the kids by myself one day!  


for the most part, they get along really well and we’re so thankful. davey is now getting to the "mine! mine!" stage, which means there’s quite a bit more pushing, pulling, shoving, hitting, bopping (and other such "ing" words) going on in our home. being in such close quarters in the bike trailer sometimes heightens such one-sided arguments, so we have to watch the clock for the trip to AND from the park. but in the end, it’s really worth it. 


we used to LOVE bathtime. the kids were both happy. and obedient. for the past two weeks, however, samantha has been standing up. frequently. throughout bathtime. she gets in trouble. she gets swats. it’s not uncommon to hear "SAM. SIT DOWN!" out of the mouths of any of us (since davey still repeats a lot of what we say). it’s frustrating. and then b/c sam is getting all the attention, davey starts to stand up. sigh. someday we’ll love bathtime again, right?


but despite all of that, they are so. darn. cute. dave gave them some mohawks the other night:

not a great photo of them together, for whatever reason, it’s the one i chose to share with you. i do think it’s funny that davey looks like he’s pinching his nose ‘cuz sam tooted (though she didn’t). 




i’ve had a tough week. i got some bad news this week about some friends and i’m taking it quite hard. i’m not at liberty to discuss it, but if you would please keep "tam’s friends" in your prayers, that’d be awesome. 


all that to say, the PERFECT way to spend friday night (as a family) was at a SURPRISE party for dave’s good buddy, Justin:

i won’t tell you that i almost blew it b/c i was watching the door through the camera and i had no depth perception, so i yelled "SURPRISE!" about 30 seconds before anyone else did. sigh. but it was still a success. 


i took a lot of photos at the party, but i’m only going to share a few with you… and it turns out that i’m sharing all "family" photos… starting with Justin, Brandi, Emma & Jaden:

(by the way, these dear friends of our are going to be moving BACK into our "neck of the woods" here in lynden in less than a month… i am SO EXCITED!).


Brant, Trisha and Joshua Baron (Brant is Brandi’s brother) – they hosted the party at their place:

i regret that the summer is over and we haven’t yet invited them over for dinner!


you already know us, Dave, Tam, Davey & Samantha:

(thank brant for taking this photo)


Danny, April & Logan Strid:

and in case you missed that precious face, here’s another look:


justin was surprised. so the evening was a success!



rocket donuts

last saturday, dave had a work meeting around 11 so we decided to take the kids to downtown bellingham for a fun saturday morning treat – DONUTS! there’s a cool (slightly overpriced) donut shop called Rocket Donuts. every once in awhile, dave will go there at the start of his work day and get a donut and some coffee. he usually gets the "simpsons" donut (glazed donut with frosting/icing and lots of colorful sprinkles). sometimes he branches out… but i think that’s his favorite. 


variations of this sign are on every table, napkin and coffee sleeve in the place: 


we let davey choose what donut he wanted. it was a big decision for a little guy!


but in the end, he followed in his daddy’s footsteps (or donut choice):

… and went with the sprinkles (what kid wouldn’t?!)!


then we sat by the giant robot and dave had one of the workers turn it out. the eye mask moves up. the eyes light up (red) and i think he talks or something. the robot is from some old movie. there are old movie posters framed around the donut shop. it’s cool. old school cool. 


 now davey would like to talk to you about proper donut etiquette…

first, you take a big bite and chew it all up:


then you wipe your lips with a napkin – gotta remove those crumbs!


then you check out the sprinkles on your pants:

and you try to brush them away!


if you’re sam, you willingly eat any bite of any donut that is offered to you. then you snatch your bottle from mama’s hand and take a giant SWIG from it. 

i’m so glad i captured this shot of her drinking her bottle. it’s what she does… all the time… with it. grabs it. quickly swings it up to her mouth and starts chugging with it off to the side like that. we always talk about napolean dynomite when she does it… remember that scene where he chugged that gatorade after practicing his dance moves? yeah. samantha’s kinda like that!


we had time for a few quick photos outside before dave had to head up the street to the office. it was a very sunny day. a little chilly. but sunny.



and i only wish we had driven away in this (the Rocket Donuts car)!


so the next time you visit us, remember to ask us to take you to rocket donuts. davey talked about it for a few days. which in the life of a 2-year old is, perhaps, an eternity!

tub time


we did go to the fair last week. i have zero decent photos. davey was crabby. dave hates the fair, but likes spending time with his family (which is why he went with us). and i have zero decent photos. so i apologize for my false promise last week about fair photos on thursday.


for now, however, i will give you some "silly davey tub time" shots:



davey still has a lot of fun in the bathtub (and he likes bath time again, nana) but sometimes he gets a little too excited and splashes too much… and then he gets in trouble. but saturday night, he was cracking me up with that net with the suction cups. he kept sticking them on his body (usually over his nipples) and then he’d look at me with this HUGE grin!


samantha, on the other hand, is our naughty child. she will not STAY SEATED in the bathtub. we’ve tried everything we can think of. so she usually gets in, plays for less than 5 minutes (b/c she gets in trouble 20 times for standing up) and then gets washed and is removed from the tub. i don’t know what else to do with her!


shortly after the above photo was taken, she stood up. and peed. looked right at us (we were still marveling over davey’s comedy act) and peed. while standing up. peed into the clean tub water.




these kids… what am i going to do with them?!



and i just discovered that today is the 24th. i kept thinking it was tomorrow. so that means TODAY samantha jane is 10 months old. i’ve already begun "sneaking" whole milk into her formula bottles. we opened a new can of formula yesterday. i’m hoping it’s the last can we have to open for her. ever. (if she can tolerate the whole milk). i guess we’ll have a photo shoot today instead of tomorrow. 

alki beach

 final installment of our seattle saturday adventure. i promise!


we made it to alki beach. it was a bit breezy and chilly. it was later in the day (almost 5, i think) but we wanted to walk along the beach. let the kids get their feet wet. that sort of stuff. davey still has ZERO interest in the water. it still SCARES him. he freaks out. not in a major freak-out way, but he has NO interest in getting his toes wet. and he tends to get upset if other people do. he does this every time we go to The Spit, too. silly boy. i really want my kids to LOVE the water. i sure do. but again, i digress…


this was sam’s first experience with actual sand, since The Spit and Birch Bay are all rocky. she didn’t mind the sand. but she was not a fan of the water (getting her toes wet, that is). i can’t blame her. it was COLD! 


for some reason, i LOVE that last photo. i know i look weird. but there’s something about dave & davey that really makes me happy. and i like the angle of the photo. that sam and i are in it. yeah. i could go on with random reasons why i like this not-that-great photo. but i’ll stop. 

it’s really, REALLY hard to get a good family photo these days. trying to get two kids looking at the camera at the same time…. 


nearly impossible. thanks for trying, rach!


just a cute one of sam & i:



this is dave’s log. he worked HARD to get it out of the water without getting wet. he ended up getting wet. davey was quite concerned about that. but he didn’t throw a fit when dave’s shoes (and socks) got wet. whew. i think it’s funny that dave looks pretty short in this photo! it’s the angle… and his rolled up jeans. 



after the beach, we headed back to the apartment to meet up with sterling. i fed the kids some dinner. davey got to color in his spiderman coloring book with his spiderman crayons (which are safely tucked away at auntie rachel’s house for our next visit…. which will hopefully be sooner than one year from now)! and then we went out to eat at a thai restaurant. supposed to be one of the best in the area. or the best. it’s called Buddah something. not "Buddah Something." but "buddah" and i can’t remember the second word in the name of the restaurant. the food was tasty. the kids were relatively well behaved.


after a final, quick stop at the apartment for a quick kid bath (yeah!), it was time for us to head home. davey went napLESS the whole day and was, surprisingly, a well-behaved, non-tantrum throwing, non-whining little dude. he had a few issued in the restaurant, but i don’t think they were non-nap related. both kids were asleep pretty quickly (as we had hoped). and then, unfortunately for dave, i nodded off, too. from everett to bellingham. and then again from bellingham to lynden. i tried to stay awake. i really did. but it had been a long day. 


a good day, despite being rear-ended. and yes, rachel, we will come and visit you again sometime. like i said above, hopefully sooner than a year from now!

west seattle park

today is tuesday.

and now, our saturday in seattle story continues…..

after our rear-end collision, we continued on our way to visit auntie rachel. uncle sterling had been called in to work around 9 a.m. we ended up not seeing him until dinner. we started our adventure with lunch and play time around the apartment. rachel & sterling have a cute little apartment in a small building in a residential area. i can totally see why they love where they live. it’s a beautiful area. peaceful. filled with families. but just 10 minutes outside of the city. BONUS!


so auntie rachel pulled out some of her items left over from her teaching days – stickers, a pointer, a microphone…


…though davey liked the stickers the best. davey, daddy and samantha ended up wearing stickers all day. ALL DAY. multiple stickers, in davey’s case. we should have used them to hide his chocolate milk spills on his shirt!


after lunch, stickers and fun in the apartment, we headed to lincoln park and the kids’ area. davey had a BLAST playing on the play structure. he was brave and climbed stairs, ladders and more to make it to three different slides. and he peeked in and out of window bubbles (not sure what they’re actually called). and ran around and had a grand-old time!


this cute girl: 


did go to the park with us. but she fell asleep on the way. and stayed asleep through the move from the car to the stroller (in her car seat) and for the majority of our time at the park! she did wake up long enough to get out and walk around (with daddy’s help), though she was still a bit out of it (gotta love that dazed and "still sleepy" face)!


since i was dressed for a totally different kind of day, i was wearing heels. yes, heels. with my jeans and nicer black top. the pea gravel at the play area was driving me crazy (getting stuck in between my toes!) and even though we wanted to go to the beach, i knew i couldn’t make the trek in my heels. they’re cute heels. but not the most comfortable. so we had to leave the park and stop at target to pick up some flip flops. for $4.88 (clearance price) i got a super-cute, new pair of flip flops. hot pink with thick black straps that are actually black with small white polka dots! LOOOOOOVE ‘em! auntie rachel picked up some spiderman necessities for davey in the $1 bins… two books, a coloring book and crayons. 


then we drove to Alki Beach (where we went with rachel, sterling and davey last year: see this post). but i’m saving those photos for tomorrow. oooo. evil me. i know!  :)  but if you see beach photos tomorrow, you might get lucky to see photos from the NW Wash Fair on thursday (dave’s taking the day off tomorrow so we can take the kids – mostly to see the animals). hooray for The Fair!!!




weekend adventure

on saturday, we headed down to seattle. the plan was this: dave and the kids would spend the day with rachel (dave’s sister) and (if he wasn’t called in to work) sterling, rachel’s husband. i, on the other hand, would drive our vehicle from rachel’s place in west seattle to my dear friend, kelsey’s church (about an hour away) in lakewood. i wanted to be there to support her through her father’s memorial service (he passed away last weekend from a heart attack). 


everything was going well. we got out of the house more-or-less on time. the kids were doing great. and then there was some MAJOR slamming on the breaks in front of us. screeching tires. smoking tires. swerving (within our own lane). we were THIS CLOSE to rear-ending the car in front of us. i think about 4 cars in front of us, for unknown reasons, slammed on their brakes. and then, as soon as i thought "whew, we’re safe." BAM!




i kid you not. WE got rear-ended. the four cars in front of us pushed their gas pedals and went merrily on their way. we, however, had to pull over to the LEFT shoulder of I5 at exit 175 (3 or 4 lanes of traffic) b/c we were in the left lane when the accident occurred. dave called 911. within minutes (before he even hung up the phone), the incident response DOT truck had arrived. we were all safe (including the kids). the two ladies in the vehicle behind us were safe, too. so the incident guy stopped traffic. had us pull over to the right shoulder. and called the State Patrol.


we were able to get out and check out the damage. this is our bumper now (after the accident):

some scratches. some dents. some dings. so as long as there’s no frame damage, it’s a purely cosmetic situation. though we will get our bumper replaced. there’s that many scratches, dings, dents and bumps.


here’s the car that hit us:

quite a bit more work is needed to get this guy back on the road. it was two older ladies from arizona on vacation in washington. staying at a friends’ house in edmonds. the friend, however, was in europe. they were supposed to drive home today. instead, their car is in a body shop somewhere. hopefully they can head home by the end of the week. 


we were able to continue on our way to rachel’s house. but after that incident, i was not interested in driving in crazy saturday traffic on I5 in an unfamiliar area by myself. so i had to skip being there to support my friend. i’m sorry, kels. i know you understand. but i still really wanted to be there.


tomorrow i will share with you the better part of our journey… our day of adventures with aunt rachel and uncle sterling in west seattle! for now, i’m hoping all of our accidents with this pathfinder are finished. i’m tired of taking my vehicle to the shop!



side note: last night, sam woke up around 3. i held her. rocked her. got her almost to sleep twice. sigh. i think it was after 4:30 when i finally got to go back to bed myself. and that was after finally giving in and giving her a bottle (though she didn’t wake up at 6 for one). so with her, i’m taking one day at a time. one day victorious on the sleep front. the next day, not-so-much. but i do love her anyway.


she still only has two teeth. she’s still chewing on EVERYTHING and drooling like a mad fiend. but at least i FINALLY have a (not so stellar) photo of her teeth:

kinda cute? at least you can see both of them in the photo (along with some saliva/drool)!


last night she went to bed around 9. and i didn’t hear a PEEP out of her until 7:45 a.m.


when she got her morning bottle and went back to sleep. and is still sleeping (at 9:22 a.m.).


i think we’re making progress on the sleep front, my friends!  :)


happy (rainy) friday to you. i think it’s a great day to bake cookies… the new neighbors are supposed to move in today, too!

air show


the abbottsford (british columbia, canada) airshow was this past weekend. planes and jets and fighter jets were flying overhead all day thursday (practice) and friday, saturday & sunday for the show. abbottsford is just over the border to the east, so the planes were flying over lynden to "loop around." davey LOVES airplanes. nana took him outside almost every time they heard an airplane. they would search the sky for signs of the plane. we saw some really cool jets and planes fly overhead over the weekend. we wanted to take davey to the show on saturday (or, should i say, to a field where we could more easily see the planes fly overhead but not have to pay the ridiculous admissions cost), but it was really cloudy and we didn’t think it’d be worth it. we should’ve tried on sunday, but naptimes always get in the way. 




so while daddy and sam were napping on sunday, davey and i went outside and watched for the airplanes. i didn’t have my camera when the cool jets flew overhead – about 9 of them at one time in a tight formation – and i didn’t have my camera with me when i saw davey RUN ACROSS THE YARD to look for the plane(s). in his most excited little two-year old voice, he exclaimed "AI-PANE!" i can still see the twinkle of delight. joy. astonishment. surprise. glee. in his eyes. he was truly amazed. truly impressed. truly excited. and even though i don’t have a photograph to remember that moment, i don’t think i’ll ever need one. b/c in that moment. that short window of time, i was reminded what it was like to be a kid. to be SO EXCITED about something. to feel like you had to run forever to see something when, in reality, it was only 10 feet. in that moment, our yard was big enough. he had enough toys. we had everything we needed and wanted. i had what i wanted most: a happy, healthy little boy. and i think, b/c i saw so much in that short moment of time, i think i have a photograph etched in my mind. and i hope it stays there forever.  



and on a separate note: on monday night, sam screamed for about an hour (starting at 2). with me holding her. without anyone in the room. about an hour. the she slept for about 20 minutes and resumed a 5-minute screaming session. she got her usual bottle a few hours later at 6. and she slept until 9. 


on tuesday night, there was no screaming. no waking up. simply bedtime bottle and 6 a.m. bottle. 


last night there was some crying/fussing around 2:30. she was actually CALM and QUIET if i held her. she fell back asleep in my arms. after about 20 minutes i put her back in bed. and at 7 she woke up for her bottle (and did not go back to sleep).


that’s progress, right?