samantha at 9 months


today my sweet baby girl is 9 months old. she is a joy and a delight. she is always smiling. her only cries/fussy times are heard when she’s hungry (which is far more often than davey is hungry!), tired or has a messy diaper. she can crawl like a champion. she’s crawling up and down the 1/2 step that goes in/out of the bonus room. she can pull herself to standing. she has one tooth. she’s beginning to laugh more often. she wears size 4 diapers. she’s still wearing 6-9 and 6-12 month clothing (though the 6-9s are getting a wee bit tight)! she wears a dress almost every day b/c i think she’s so darn cute in them… and they show off her "thunder thighs" (which are only cute when you’re a baby/little kid). she LOVES music and will dance/wiggle the top half of her body when she hears music (even if it’s me singing Twinkle Twinkle). she loves the fisher price music table that uncle john & auntie babi purchased for davey’s first christmas. she seems mesmerized by the tv show Super Why (i think it’s all the music). she still takes two naps a day. she sleeps through the night (8 p.m. to 5 a.m. usually and then she gets a bottle and falls back asleep). she is VERY independent and wants to hold her own bottle… and put it in her mouth by herself. she usually falls asleep on her side or her tummy in her crib. she ADORES her big brother and watches his every move. she also ADORES her daddy. she likes to "talk" and "sing" and her voice is one of the sweetest things i’ve ever heard. she will eat ANYTHING you give her. she’s jealous of her brother when he gets mac-n-cheese, so she often has to have it too (while he is jealous of her when she gets those Gerber "puffs" so he has to have some). her hair is growing in thicker and thicker and thicker. and it’s starting to curl just a little bit (small hints), as you can see around her ear here:

and that is exactly what my hair did growing up. so she may be blessed (cursed?) with a mane like her mama’s! she enjoys being inside or outside. she loves to sit up in the little tykes coupe car… and she can make it move (backwards). she knows what to do with the steering wheel and she’s darn proud of herself sitting in there! she’s adventurous and will eat rocks, grass, dirt… pretty much anything within reach, so be aware if you’re holding or watching her! she’s got a strong grip (she loves to pull hair) and she’s fast when she sees something she wants. 


all in all, my baby girl, who was once very difficult, is now a happy, loving, beautiful, sweet-tempered, easy-going sweetheart. she has been an amazing addition to our family and i am so thankful that God has entrusted her care to us. she makes our lives sweeter. 


and an additional "shout out" to dave’s brother jeff (yes, the one who just got married) b/c it’s his birthday today. the big 2-5… love ya, jeffy!

The Trouble-Making Dunkin Boys (tommy d, jeff and my dave) – this photo was taken on a sailboat which was part of jeff’s bachelor party. dave now wants us to go sailing someday. i’m all in!

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