home again home again

tuesday evening: july 28th


today is dave’s birthday (the big 3-0). yesterday was our anniversary (the big 0-7). with my mom (nana) in town, we were able to go away for TWO NIGHTS child-free. so on sunday night and monday night we stayed at the Chrysalis Inn & Spa in Bellingham.


we enjoyed two days of child-free meals. child-free sleeping in. child-free walks. child-free relaxing time. reminding ourselves why we got married in the first place. and just having fun together. we LOVE our kids. we MISSED our kids. we TALKED ABOUT our kids. but it was good to have some time away.


i will share photos and more details (perhaps) later. for now, it’s time to figure out how to cool down the house (over 90 inside still and it’s 9 p.m.)!



One thought on “home again home again

  1. Husband/wife getaways are sooooo nice, huh?! Glad you could have a couple of nights “out”. Way to go, Nana!!!

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