gettin’ stuff done

no pictures today, sorry. i thought i took some today at play group but it turns out i didn’t have a memory card in the camera. oops. 


recent life highlights: friday evening dinner here with dave’s parents and my mom. relaxing saturday afternoon and a true SURPRISE (almost) 30th birthday party for dave that evening. (i’ll have to give you more details later.) 


sunday was another relaxing day where i finally FOLDED multiple loads of laundry. AND put away the clothes!


today was play group and i got motivated to finally begin my list of "things to do while nana is here to watch the kids." i did start my "order photos" item last week, but i’m not even close to ready to order. today, however, from start to finish, i CLEANED THE GARAGE. it took me 6 hours. i’m exhausted. and a bit sore. but i have a mostly clean and mostly organized garage (i didn’t touch dave’s tool area). and i have some empty space on some shelves! i also have a table set up and loaded with items to sell. our play group is hosting another garage sale (the 31st and 1st) and i want to make some money AND get rid of some stuff!


"what else is on my list?", you ask… well, since i need some accountability, i’ll tell you:

- clean garage (check)

- price items for garage sale

- order photos

- sew tabs on valences (two different ones)

- hand sew black-out lining material onto davey’s roman shade

- re-pot houseplants

- gather baby items no longer being used and store as appropriate

- clean out bins in coat closet (put away too-small winter baby items)


that’s actually a LOT for me to do in the next 4 days… ‘cuz that’s ultimately the only time i have left to do stuff, even though nana is here until next wednesday. 

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