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to melt her heart

 nana left early wednesday morning. the kids miss her. it’s pretty obvious. davey can say things like "nana. airplane" (because she would take him outside to look at every airplane that they heard – which were a lot)! and "nana. spider" (b/c they would check the daily "progress" of the spider in shane & michelle’s tree to see if he was still there – he is. unfortunately). 


so even though davey can verbalize a bit of his feelings for missing nana (well, not his feelings so much, but you get the point)… sam has a different way of telling us she remembers (and misses) nana:


and i think that photo, dear friends, will melt nana’s heart.


on a separate note, if you’re local, please visit our garage sale at 1217 front street. friday from 9-2 and saturday from 8-noon. i’ll be there on saturday. there are four of us selling lots and lots and lots of stuff (seriously – where did we get all of this stuff?)!


additionally, we broke a record yesterday. hottest day on record. 101 in bellingham, i believe. today is was supposed to cool off to 88. it was 95. who knows what tomorrow’s 83 will actually end up being. but i can tell you this: i’m darn hot. and i’m really ready to let dave buy air conditioning. not a window unit. for the whole house. ‘cuz i don’t want to repeat this next year. and my poor kids are hot. crabby. red-cheeked. ugh. it ain’t pretty around here right now!


i’m seriously melting here. it’s 10 p.m. and it’s still 88 degrees in my living room. i don’t even care to know the temperature of my bedroom. ICK!


a few days (a week?) ago i shared a to do list…. stuff to accomplish while nana was here. the results:

if you can’t read that, i accomplished almost everything (though there was one thing on my blog list that was not on that board – and i did not get to it – clean out the bins in the coat closet). so the photos are uploaded (with a few more to add from this past weekend) but not yet ordered. i wanted to wait until the end of the month (friday) to order them, so i knew it wouldn’t be finished…. but it’s mostly done. the purging and editing are the most time-consuming tasks. i also did not EVEN START sewing the black out fabric on davey’s curtains. which means it’s still pinned on. as it has been since march. i kid you not. march. but that’s okay. nana’s coming back in october and maybe i can get it done then!  :)


i’m seriously far too hot to continue to sit here and type. hopefully it really will "cool down" to only 88 tomorrow and only 83 on friday. if i had an in-ground swimming pool, i’d be LOVING this weather. but i do not have one. so i am not loving it. AND i’m ready to relent and allow dave to save our pennies so we can buy ac/central air for next summer. this is ridiculous. and my poor kids (especially sam) are balls of sweat when they wake up!

home again home again

tuesday evening: july 28th


today is dave’s birthday (the big 3-0). yesterday was our anniversary (the big 0-7). with my mom (nana) in town, we were able to go away for TWO NIGHTS child-free. so on sunday night and monday night we stayed at the Chrysalis Inn & Spa in Bellingham.


we enjoyed two days of child-free meals. child-free sleeping in. child-free walks. child-free relaxing time. reminding ourselves why we got married in the first place. and just having fun together. we LOVE our kids. we MISSED our kids. we TALKED ABOUT our kids. but it was good to have some time away.


i will share photos and more details (perhaps) later. for now, it’s time to figure out how to cool down the house (over 90 inside still and it’s 9 p.m.)!



samantha at 9 months


today my sweet baby girl is 9 months old. she is a joy and a delight. she is always smiling. her only cries/fussy times are heard when she’s hungry (which is far more often than davey is hungry!), tired or has a messy diaper. she can crawl like a champion. she’s crawling up and down the 1/2 step that goes in/out of the bonus room. she can pull herself to standing. she has one tooth. she’s beginning to laugh more often. she wears size 4 diapers. she’s still wearing 6-9 and 6-12 month clothing (though the 6-9s are getting a wee bit tight)! she wears a dress almost every day b/c i think she’s so darn cute in them… and they show off her "thunder thighs" (which are only cute when you’re a baby/little kid). she LOVES music and will dance/wiggle the top half of her body when she hears music (even if it’s me singing Twinkle Twinkle). she loves the fisher price music table that uncle john & auntie babi purchased for davey’s first christmas. she seems mesmerized by the tv show Super Why (i think it’s all the music). she still takes two naps a day. she sleeps through the night (8 p.m. to 5 a.m. usually and then she gets a bottle and falls back asleep). she is VERY independent and wants to hold her own bottle… and put it in her mouth by herself. she usually falls asleep on her side or her tummy in her crib. she ADORES her big brother and watches his every move. she also ADORES her daddy. she likes to "talk" and "sing" and her voice is one of the sweetest things i’ve ever heard. she will eat ANYTHING you give her. she’s jealous of her brother when he gets mac-n-cheese, so she often has to have it too (while he is jealous of her when she gets those Gerber "puffs" so he has to have some). her hair is growing in thicker and thicker and thicker. and it’s starting to curl just a little bit (small hints), as you can see around her ear here:

and that is exactly what my hair did growing up. so she may be blessed (cursed?) with a mane like her mama’s! she enjoys being inside or outside. she loves to sit up in the little tykes coupe car… and she can make it move (backwards). she knows what to do with the steering wheel and she’s darn proud of herself sitting in there! she’s adventurous and will eat rocks, grass, dirt… pretty much anything within reach, so be aware if you’re holding or watching her! she’s got a strong grip (she loves to pull hair) and she’s fast when she sees something she wants. 


all in all, my baby girl, who was once very difficult, is now a happy, loving, beautiful, sweet-tempered, easy-going sweetheart. she has been an amazing addition to our family and i am so thankful that God has entrusted her care to us. she makes our lives sweeter. 


and an additional "shout out" to dave’s brother jeff (yes, the one who just got married) b/c it’s his birthday today. the big 2-5… love ya, jeffy!

The Trouble-Making Dunkin Boys (tommy d, jeff and my dave) – this photo was taken on a sailboat which was part of jeff’s bachelor party. dave now wants us to go sailing someday. i’m all in!

having fun

these two:

are having so much fun together. 


it’s been great having my mom here. she’s wonderful with the kids. and they both adore her. and i can get stuff done. like cleaning the garage. and reviewing, deleting, editing and uploading photos (over 500 were uploaded to costco tonight). and little things get done, too. like removing the pins from the dining room valences and actually stitching the tabs to be shorter (only been waiting 6.5 years for that to happen!) and finishing up some started but definitely unfinished projects around here (mostly craft-related). AND i’m doing it all despite our heat wave (which i LOVE). 


so many thanks to nana for making the journey out here and for tirelessly changing diapers, feeding kids, changing their clothes, going for walks, bathing both kids, playing blocks and balloons and pretend and cars and every thing else that davey wants! nana’s gonna need a vacation from this vacation!  

gettin’ stuff done

no pictures today, sorry. i thought i took some today at play group but it turns out i didn’t have a memory card in the camera. oops. 


recent life highlights: friday evening dinner here with dave’s parents and my mom. relaxing saturday afternoon and a true SURPRISE (almost) 30th birthday party for dave that evening. (i’ll have to give you more details later.) 


sunday was another relaxing day where i finally FOLDED multiple loads of laundry. AND put away the clothes!


today was play group and i got motivated to finally begin my list of "things to do while nana is here to watch the kids." i did start my "order photos" item last week, but i’m not even close to ready to order. today, however, from start to finish, i CLEANED THE GARAGE. it took me 6 hours. i’m exhausted. and a bit sore. but i have a mostly clean and mostly organized garage (i didn’t touch dave’s tool area). and i have some empty space on some shelves! i also have a table set up and loaded with items to sell. our play group is hosting another garage sale (the 31st and 1st) and i want to make some money AND get rid of some stuff!


"what else is on my list?", you ask… well, since i need some accountability, i’ll tell you:

- clean garage (check)

- price items for garage sale

- order photos

- sew tabs on valences (two different ones)

- hand sew black-out lining material onto davey’s roman shade

- re-pot houseplants

- gather baby items no longer being used and store as appropriate

- clean out bins in coat closet (put away too-small winter baby items)


that’s actually a LOT for me to do in the next 4 days… ‘cuz that’s ultimately the only time i have left to do stuff, even though nana is here until next wednesday. 

misc photos

 so you haven’t seen enough photos lately, you say? okay. i can accommodate that. here are a few more photos from the past week….


great grandpa with the kids:



great grandma with the kids (she and sam were GOOD BUDDIES):



samantha learning a new trick… STANDING! and then she decided that grandpa’s jeans tasted just as good as great-grandma’s hand did last week….


grandpa got this little girl to laugh and giggle longer than i’ve ever heard before! i think there will be many a "date" between these two!


and who could resist a photo of 2 of the greatest DUNKIN COUPLES of all time?



meanwhile, davey is keeping up his crazy antics….

he won’t sit on his "cool bike" here b/c he has rocks on the seat so he’s pushing them around on the bike (so logical, i know)


and then he learned about "popping a wheelie" from the kid down the street (at grandpa & grandma’s house) so here he is, popping a wheelie…. davey style:



we found a cute frog on the slab in grandpa & grandma’s back yard, so we played with him for a little while:

(did you notice that, by chance, he also is wearing a shirt with a frog on it?)

and he likes to eat PB&J sandwiches these days (white bread, no crust):


and he now has an obsession with (sun)glasses. a year ago, he wouldn’t keep them on his head. but now, he loves them. especially his sister’s heart-shaped ones….


nana’s in town for two weeks. she arrived a little before midnight on wednesday. davey and sam are both overjoyed with the constant attention she has for them. and i am overjoyed that i might actually get to ACCOMPLISH SOME PROJECTS while she’s here (she can occupy the kids)! some unfinished projects that just need to get done. and some bigger things like cleaning out the garage. you know, the stuff you just can’t start & finish during naptime!


today and tomorrow is the Raspberry Festival here in Lynden. so tomorrow we’ll pack up the pathfinder and head "downtown" for some pulled pork sandwiches from Jakes and some vanilla ice cream with fresh picked raspberries. it’s sure to be a beautiful day and a fun weekend. 

so hard


it’s so hard to say good-bye to the people you love….


this beautiful couple (minus the wee ones) have begun their red-eye journey home to ohio. they are currently on their way to the airport in seattle. from there, they fly (at 11 p.m.) to somewhere. to connect to somewhere. to end up in ohio tomorrow morning… bright and early. how could two weeks pass by so quickly? 


(great) grandpa & (great) grandma, we miss you already! thank you so much for flying out here. visiting us. loving us. loving on davey and sam (great grandma & samantha bonded). and thank you, for your legacy. of love. of prayer. of laughter. of joy. 


hopefully we’ll be able to fly to ohio to see you in the next year or two! and thank you for standing there and being the object(s) in about 50 photos today!  :)

already two


two short years ago there were some big changes for the dunkin clan. tom graduated from high school. rachel got married. sterling (rachel’s husband) graduated from college. jeff started dating taryn (AND introduced her to the family). and at 36 weeks, david charles dunkin was born. 4 weeks early. a complete surprise to us all.




davey, at two, you are talking non-stop. you take one nap a day (usually for at least 2 hours) and you don’t usually put up a fuss about it. you are well-behaved and you are very smart. you know most of your animals and the sounds they make. you are learning colors and counting. daddy and grandpa are still your favorite people, though a "cool bike" can definitely have an impact on whether or not you want to go see either one of them! you love books and sometimes i’ll find  you reading books in the morning or after your nap time before you call out to be "released" from the confines of your room! you love to be the center of attention (99% of the time) and you’re not too interested in sharing the spotlight. you barely weigh over 20 pounds (22# on a home scale a few weeks ago) and all of your 24-month or 2T pants not only fall down off your waist, but they are also all way too long for you. i know you’ll grow, so i’m not worried about it. you have big eyes the color of your mama’s (they were blue like your daddy’s until just after your 1st birthday). you LOVE to play with other kids and you’re pretty good at remembering their names if you spend any length of time with them. you even recognize some of the cars/vehicles belonging to the parents of your friends! you love to color, play with cars and blocks. you enjoy hiding things and moving toys or anything, really, from one "bucket" to another. you are generous, sweet, loving, fun, funny, well-behaved and smart. 




daddy and i love you so much, bug, and we know our lives have been enriched because you are in them! we hope you have an amazing 2nd birthday (we’re taking you to the zoo in canada!) and we look forward to celebrating many, many more birthdays with you!


  (7.15.09 at the zoo)

the greats



my children are so fortunate to get to spend a little bit of time (all-too-little, if you ask me) with their great grandparents. you may remember some sweet photos of gigi (my mother-in-law’s mom) with sam just a few months ago. for the past almost two weeks. we’ve spent as much time with my father-in-law’s parents who are visiting from ohio. i could tell you how much i LOVE having them here. and how much the kids love them. and how special they are to everyone who knows them. but instead, i’ll give you a few glimpses of sam enjoying her "greats:"

  (special secrets with great grandma – who could resist?)


  (great grandpa has some fun buttons!)


and b/c i couldn’t resist…

this little girl LOVES her tongue (it’s highly likely b/c there’s a tooth in there to play with now)!


now i must make sure to snap LOTS and LOTS of photos of my busy toddler davey with his greats! only two more days with the greats before it’s time for them to return home…. how we’ll miss you!