tub time

on saturday night, davey was in the tub when i took sam upstairs to change her stinky diaper. (her VERY stinky diaper). we stopped to say hi to davey and daddy in the bathroom. and davey said "baby. baby." and he pointed to a spot next to him in the tub. she needed a bath, so i got her diaper off and cleaned her up a bit and then plopped her down next to davey. the two had a grand old time in the tub together…. this was the first time they were both in there (together) for an extended period of time….


after i took these photos, there was some splashing going on. i could hear dave telling davey "no splashing." what i could not hear (unfortunately), was davey telling sam "no splashing, baby!" while pointing his forefinger at her! we tried to get it on video, but he wouldn’t do it (until the second that dave turned OFF the video camera)!

2 thoughts on “tub time

  1. What cuties!! Out kiddos L.O.V.E taking a bath together & have since brooklyn could sit up on her own ( A huge time saver I might add). Good luck with the splashing :)

  2. oh my goodness, do they look alike or what? they could be twins. insane. love the pics of them in the bath. you have some pretty cute kids.

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