there’s a new driver….

there’s a new driver in our house. this is where she was happiest on friday evening while dave and i prepared dinner: 


…. inside davey’s coupe car. hopefully there won’t be too many fights over this car, but i’m already bracing myself for the future! she looks like a natural though, doesn’t she? think she’ll drive like her mama? (i bet not if her daddy can help it)!


on saturday afternoon, she enjoyed this:

just sitting in the galvanized tin tub that used to hold our beach towels (formerly aka: our hot tub towels). 


side note: a few weekends ago i found a book at a garage sale. the book reminded me of my childhood and i HAD to buy it. Very Worried Walrus. part of the Sweet Pickles series. (click on the word sweet or pickles to find a description/definition of the books). i LOVED those books. never owned any myself, though. so i spent saturday evening searching on for them. i can get all 26 from one place for $175 (shipping is an additional charge). so i spent the time to find and put each of the 26 books into my cart. some books were only a penny. i kid you not. some were around $6. all were used. so once i got all 26 in my cart – to be purchased from multiple sellers – i learned that it was only going to cost me $50 for the entire set. SCORE!


BUT then i learned it was going to cost OVER $100 for shipping. sigh. so now i have to save my pennies because i REALLY WANT the full set for my kids. i KNOW they’ll love them (davey’s really been enjoying the Very Worried Walrus book already)! what could be a better combination than a stroll down memory lane for me and some fun books for my kids?


what were some of your favorite books as a kid? i was an AVID reader… i don’t think there were many that i DIDN’T like. but i’d love to be reminded of some books i’d forgotten. so please share with me… what did you love to read…. or have read to you?

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