stupid human tricks

remember that segment from time to time on dave letterman’s show… the "stupid human tricks" segment? back when my right tear duct was blocked (several years ago), i thought i should go on the show and squirt water out of my eye. that’s how badly blocked it was… i just had to push on the corner of my eye/nose and water would literally SHOOT out of my eye (trust me, my office wall had the "streams" of tears/water to prove it)!


but i know a little girl who has a pretty cool trick she should show to the world. her daddy calls it "The Vacuum." silly little jorja. she normally looks like this:


she knows how to crawl "regularly," but for some reason, she also likes to move around like this: 


especially when she’s tired. her head actually touches the floor and she uses her feet (and her hands somewhat) to move forward…. while her head drags on the ground (like a vacuum cleaner)! it’s the FUNNIEST thing to watch b/c she’ll bump into furniture. stop. sit up. turn. and then start going again in another direction.


sweet jorja girl, i love you…. you are petite and sweet and oh-so-clever. and that really is a stupid human trick (not stupid human. just stupid trick. but you’re a human. i thought i’d better make that clear)! 

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