sleeping issues


for unknown reasons, sam has had a rough time going to bed and taking naps for the past few days. after battling with her for over an hour on friday night and saturday day, i was frustrated. she finally took a nap (she was EXHAUSTED) on saturday around 3 o’clock. putting her in her car seat is what did the trick. so when she wasn’t interested in her crib (and actually got really MAD) last night, i pulled out the car seat and she was sound asleep within minutes. i moved her to her crib after about an hour and she was fine. silly girl. it’s frustrating, but at least i’ve found something that works (hopefully this is a temporary need for her)! so i put her in her car seat today for a nap. then i had to go pump (i’m in the process of giving up all pumping sessions, but just couldn’t "hold out" any longer). i heard her crying while i was pumping but i couldn’t help her and dave was getting davey down for his nap. when i was done, i thought i’d give her the bottle i just made…. but when i opened the door to her room, here’s what i found: 



sound asleep. halfway falling out of her car seat… but asleep none-the-less. i waited about 10-15 minutes and she is now safely in her crib. hopefully still napping! what a silly little girl!

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