potty time



it was a rough start today. i slept funny and woke up with an almost useless left arm. 14 hours later it still hurts. but at least i can use it a little bit. and davey was whiney and clingy and crabby. thankfully his attitude changed during play group.


but both kids napped at the same time. so i got to lie in our bed, watch tv and use a heating pad on my back/neck. doesn’t seem to have helped any, but at least i had an opportunity to try! davey took a LONG nap and was an absolute SWEETHEART when we woke up. no tears. no yelling. no whiney. no clinging. just an all-around DELIGHT and JOY. sam had already been up for about an hour at that point, i think.


we visited grandma & grandpa and then headed home to arrive just before daddy. a yummy dinner of shanghai stir fry (shelly, that recipe in the fix freeze feast cookbook is a KEEPER!). while i gave sam a bath (which she now REALLY enjoys), davey came into the room. he was pretty interested in his potty. so i opened the lid, took off his pants and diaper and had him sit down. so he sat. and sat. and sat. he’s never done that before. after approximately 2 seconds on the potty, he would start crying and screaming uncontrollably. tonight, he just sat. i heard nothing.


so when he finally wanted to get up, i put him in a clean diaper and prayed he wouldn’t pee in it so we could use it for bedtime after his bath (i still had to get sam out of the tub). i hadn’t planned to even check the potty, knowing he hadn’t done anything. but i happened to glance and see something. so i looked closer. he had peed. davey peed in the potty. all by himself. he instigated it. he sat there. he went.


i got SOOOOOOO EXCITED that i think i scared him a little!   :)   way to go, davey! i hope this is the start of many, MANY more potty experiences for you! (especially now that sam is ready to move up into YOUR SIZE of diapers)!


note: i do have a photo of the pee in the potty, but i figured you weren’t really interested in seeing it. i tried to take a photo of him standing next to the potty but he wanted nothing to do with being in a photo. 

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