in the wind


sunday was a sunny and windy day. the kids napped well (and davey napped LONG) so we headed out to the park around 6:30 (ish). i’ll give you two photo hints what we did to start our adventure when we got there….



do you have any guesses? not yet? how about this photo:


ok. no more hints. just the real deal:

we went to the park to fly dave/daddy’s KITE! (see it up there in the top of the photo?) davey thought it was pretty cool. both kids got to help fly it. and we only crashed it a few times (when the wind died down) AND we got it up as high as it could go (we ran out of string)! yep. it was a GOOD day to fly a kite. and we weren’t the only ones out there on the field. pretty cool. 



we set our stuff near these low benches (for the soccer fields/players) and i fell in love with the benches for the use of photography – they’re really weathered with the paint peeling and chipping… so cool! unfortunately, i only had my point and shoot camera with me so no great photos. but here are a few okay shots that captured the moment:



i probably shouldn’t tell you this, but thankfully that bench was low to the ground. b/c sam did fall off (she fell backwards while dave was winding the kite string and i was trying to get the kite back in the air – made it easier to wind the string)… she was pretty shaken up and cried for quite some time, but she appears to be fine. whew. we both felt AWFUL when it happened!


after the kite-flying, we headed over to the playground to slide, swing, teeter and rock (on a spring-loaded horse & chipmunk). it was a great end to a pretty relaxing and enjoyable weekend!

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