happy 7th anniversary to our dear friends tim & carrilee….. i regret to inform that i don’t have a recent photo of you two toge†her… and you don’t want to see the first photo i found of you in my photo library…. so instead, here’s a photo of tim (with henry, dave and davey):


and a photo of carrilee with jorja:


i know they’re not celebrating until tomorrow (tuesday) night, but i still wanted to wish them a "happy" on their day. i did that this morning when clee called me (around 9:15-ish) and she laughed pretty hard…. b/c she and tim BOTH forgot to tell each other "happy anniversary" that morning. just goes to show you what happens after 7 years, 2 kids and when your anniversary is on a monday!  :)


love you guys bunches…. not sure where we’d be without you two! 

One thought on “happy

  1. Thanks so much Tam! You and friends like you make the journey all that more fun and memorable. I have cherished your friendship all 7 of those years as well. You are so special to me.

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