camera issues

i feel like a blog-post slacker these days. it’s mainly b/c i’m now addicted to using dave’s camera instead of mine. which means better photos (even though i use the automatic setting) but it also means i have to work my way into the office to move the photos from camera to computer and then to upload them here. the laptop is just so much easier, especially since dave bought me eye fi for Christmas (wireless connection from camera to laptop so my photos just "magically appear" on my laptop). 


i took these about an hour or two ago:



aren’t they pretty? they make me happy. a small BURST of color in my yard. LOVE the orange – tiger lilies, i believe, right?


my goal for this week was to stay home (aka: don’t go to bellingham) and not spend money. monday was fine. usually is. play group takes up our morning and that’s the hardest part of the day for me. yesterday, however, i caved. it’s almost as though once i’m up, showered, dressed & ready to go, i can’t just SIT around. so yesterday we went to Target (where i did, legitimately, need to pick up a few things) and then to Tuesday Morning (where i needed nothing). and i’m not telling how much money we spent. but it was far more than i had thought. sheesh! so my goal for the rest of this week is to stay in town. and only the grocery store or starbucks. we’ll see if i can keep my sanity. 


today i have 6 loads of laundry to fold. i kid you not. 5 of them were washed and dried yesterday. the other one was done on sunday. there’s plenty of cleaning i could do. but i just don’t want to. big surprise. on saturday, dave bought a carpet cleaning machine at lowes. he started with the dining room chairs on sunday. it did an okay job. and on monday he did the dining room (yes, i know. carpet in the dining room? it’s the way our house came. and our dining room is directly connected to the living room. someday we’d like wood floors in our dining room – either this house or the next house). while not perfect, it made a HUGE difference. our carpets were DIRTY. with AWFUL spots/stains on them. the living room is next… not sure if that’ll be this week or next. 


earlier today, davey was running around the house with a toy tea kettle. he was "watering baby" so she would grow (like a flower), i suppose. i suggested that he water himself since she’s only a few inches shorter than he!


also today, davey played upstairs in the bonus room ALL BY HIMSELF for about an hour. sam and i were downstairs doing who knows what. he even had access to the crayons and he didn’t color where he wasn’t supposed to. my little boy is growing up. he plays well by himself. i’m still in shock that he played upstairs by himself. i didn’t even have any of the "off limits" rooms blocked off… he was as good as can be!

3 thoughts on “camera issues

  1. Having kids that are easily entertained and can entertain themselves is a HUGE blessing…it’s not like that all the time, of course, but it’s great to see the capability, huh?!

  2. I agree! From nannying experience, that is what happens with kids whose parents really limit tv time when they’re young :)

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