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to many of you, this will be a long and boring post. but i need to get this stuff written down somewhere so i can access it later for photos and memory’s sake… my mind just ain’t what it used to be (aka: before kids) these days!

Leif, Elizabeth and Eliana drove from Montana to visit us for Memorial Day weekend. they arrived late on friday night (5/22). we moved sam to a pack-n-play downstairs (in the office) and put ellie on a crib mattress on the floor in sam’s room. leif & liz slept on dad & mom’s camping mats (boy, those things have come in quite handy over the years!) in the bonus room. on saturday morning, we took our time eating and getting ready and relaxing. the adults (minus myself, of course), consumed some of leif’s home-roasted coffee beans. (just what dave needs – an idea for another new hobby!)  we finally decided to head out to larabee (i never spell that right!) state park. we stopped along the way at haggen’s to pick up some sandwiches. after eating and playing at the nice playground, we finally made our way to the water – on the rocky beach. ellie dipped her toes in the water – her first experience with the ocean (okay, so it’s actually the bay… but the bay leads out to the pacific ocean). davey loved following ellie around as they climbed on logs and explored the rocks and shells and dirt and sand. and i worked hard to keep sam from eating the rocks. i actually had to pull a few out of her mouth when she crammed a fistful in there when i turned my head…. sheesh!


that night dave made chicken pad thai & red chicken curry for dinner. mmmmmmm. the kitchen was a mess, but dinner was quite tasty! and later that night, while the boys did "boy things," elizabeth and i headed upstairs to the bonus room to do some scrapbooking. we shared/traded a few supplies and we were each able to complete a few pages!


sunday (5/24) was church, lunch and then it was a NECESSITY for the kids to have good naps (saturday was NOT a good nap day for any of our three children!). the boys were kind enough to not only cook, but to also CLEAN the kitchen so elizabeth and i could scrapbook. but instead we opted to go to Treasury and do some scrapbook shopping and die cutting. we had a grand ole time die cutting lots and lots of paper on the grand mark machines (we used mostly mini-book dies)! by the time we got back home, we had to throw some bags together and load back into the pathfinder and head out to The Spit (those photos were posted a few days ago). It was such a mild evening out there – no breeze but still cool (without being cold) b/c it was on the water. elizabeth and i even opted to do some more scrapbooking when we got home from The Spit. she accomplished more than i (i was so darn tired), but it was fun to play even though i was exhausted. 


initially, the wickland crew was going to head for home monday morning, but they changed their plan(s) and they spent the day over on orcas island, instead. i’ve never been to orcas island, but it was nice for dave, davey, sam and i to have a day at home to unwind, relax, get a few things done (like laundry) and enjoy some family-time. all day, davey asked about "ellie?" and "ellie’s car?" (which sounded more like "a-ye" and "a-ye’s caaaa"). he missed his new friend!


the wicklands got in late on monday night (ferry-boat issue) so we got to visit with them, but the kids were all in bed. and then they left EARLY on tuesday morning (i’m thinking it was around 5 a.m.?)! so elizabeth, i miss you! and davey really misses ellie! one of the great parts about the weekend was we were all able to fit into our pathfinder…. davey & ellie in the far back, elizabeth, sam and i in the middle and the adult men up front. it wasn’t roomy… but it wasn’t awfully cramped, either. it’s not often that two families can ride around together in one vehicle anymore! yea for the pathfinder!  :)


on tuesday (5/26), i went to work and my mother-in-law watched the kids. sam’s big trick for the day was to suck on her big toe. repeatedly. until it was shriveled and pruney! too cute. 


on wednesday (5/27), sam decided she was tired of rolling over (well, over rolling from back to stomach and back again) so she started rolling around. and around and around and around. i’d put her on the floor on a blanket and minutes later she’d be off the blanket and squawking b/c she was stuck against a piece of furniture… silly girl! wednesday is also the day i decided to FINALLY plant some real flowers in my porch pots. i kid you not, i’ve had fake flowers in my porch pots for years. years. and i decided it was time to try again. now that i’m home "full-time" and all, and it’s more likely (though not guaranteed) that i’ll remember to water them. so the kids and i ventured to the local hardware store where i bought a few red and white flowers.


allergies hit pretty hard sometime late that week. i mean hard. very, very hard. i put davey back on his allergy medicine and i had to resume taking mine. sigh. 


on saturday (5/30), dave did a LOT of yard work. and i mean a lot. he was out there for hours doing one thing after another. we’re (he’s) trying hard to get some grass to fill in on our lawn this year. we have a few bald patches and we’re tired of them. we’re also tired of growing moss in our yard, so we’ve been trying to kill that, as well. not an easy thing to do while trying to keep your grass alive! late that afternoon we went for a drive to dump our yard waste (thanks, tim & carrilee, for letting us do that so regularly) and to pick up a saw at mom & dad’s house. we ended up staying at mom & dad’s for a few hours and we had dinner with them before heading home, putting the kids to bed and dave finished up ANOTHER big project that was on his "to do" list.


sunday evening was another party at The Spit (happy belated birthday, Reid!). it was a bit windier out there (barely) but still a gorgeous night – perfect for roasted hot dogs and lots more s’mores!


on monday (6/1), dave messaged me that he had some errands to run and wouldn’t be home from work until 7. ugh. really? 7 o’clock? okay. i took it in stride (not something i do frequently). we’d had an extra-long play group session at shelly’s house. we were outside in the HEAT (it was over 75 degrees by 10 a.m.). and the kids took naps at the same time, so i did get to have some "me" time outside, in my bikini, on my deck, reading a book. ahhhh. just the memory of that makes me breathe an audible sigh of contentment! i tried hard to have dinner ready at 7 so when dave got home we could eat. and there he was, just a little before 7. he had a surprise for me. out i went. and there, on our lawn, were several large pieces of plastic. a child’s toy. a slide! dave found the listing that morning (had been posted the night before) on craigslist. i’ve been AVIDLY HUNTING a GOOD slide for a few months now. they go FAST. and i do mean fast. i don’t think dave was the first to inquire about the slide he brought home, but he was the one to purchase it b/c he told the guy he’d pick it up monday night. it was a done deal. the guy removed the posting (which is why i never saw it) and by the time he and dave could meet to make a trade (money for slide), the guy had received 30 e-mail inquires about it. it wasn’t even posted for 24 hours. heck. it probably wasn’t even posted for 15 hours! i told you they go fast. 


the slide reeked. bad. so a little before 10 o’clock on monday night, dave hosed it down. he thinks it had a lot of bird poo on it. and then he started scrubbing it down with bleach water. b/c it was obvious that it had also been "marked" by a cat. i got outside and i think we finished the cleaning job by 10:30. we let it dry overnight and in the morning, before leaving for work, dave assembled the slide. and with me in my jammies & bathrobe, we took davey outside for his initial trip down the slide. he was NOT happy to come back inside with mama while dave left for work and his sweet slide sat outside unused! i was in shock that dave had not only FOUND a slide, but had gone ahead and PURCHASED it without making sure it was exactly what i wanted. but i am THRILLED that he did. i do have some nagging thoughts that he purchased it so i’d stop searching CL daily (i’ve been buying all kinds of things i never knew we needed or wanted simply b/c i’m on there looking for a slide)….. but it’s worth it. another toy added to the pile, but it’s already been worth every penny spent (only $30)!


and there you have it. my "catching up" post. no photos. on purpose. i just wanted to get this stuff written down before i lost it all!

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