8 month recap

my sweet samantha…..



at 8 months you are:

- rolling over and over and over and around

- army crawling and "slithering"

- getting ready to crawl (you get up and your hands and knees and rock back and forth – and then you get REALLY made b/c you can’t figure out how to move forward)

- your hair is growing in thick, thick, thick (like daddy and mama’s) but it’s still quite short

- you love to eat. you’re not a fan of any mixture of fruit containing bananas. you love green veggies and would eat green beans all day long, if i would let you

- you want to eat real food so desperately. thus far you’ve had rice, teriyaki chicken, banana, graham crackers, homemade pound cake (so yummy, grandma!)…

- you are teething like a mad-woman… but we see and feel nothing in those gums!

- you can clap your hands (and you’re quite proud of it)

- you rarely growl anymore

- you still smile the biggest smiles, though laughter/giggles are still few and far between

- are are in awe of your big brother and he loves to entertain you, share with you and take toys away from you (he also likes to eat your cheerios and puffs)

- you love to share bath time with davey

- when daddy gets you out of the tub, you always (without fail) pee in your towel before he can get a diaper on you

- you HATE getting dressed (and getting your diaper changed) and you squirm around to make it exceedingly difficult

- your eyes are still very big and very blue. and i love that.

- with this teething business you’re not sleeping through the night anymore – i hope this soon will pass

- you are 100% formula-fed now

- you like drinking apple juice from a sippy cup

- you are not a "please hold me and i will sit still and cuddle with you" baby. not at all. and that makes me sad. 

- you’ve been sitting up on your own for quite some time

- you can walk if we hold your hands but you’re not interested in it at all. you don’t try to pull yourself up, either. you just REALLY want to be able to crawl!

- you can hold your own bottle…. you can also grab it from the floor or the crib and move it around correctly so it’s in your mouth (impressive)!


 and not to be outdone by his little sister, this guy is pretty darn cute, too:

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