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the moon

quick story (no photos):


dave got home from work yesterday and davey was outside with grandpa. they were looking at the moon. davey wanted to go there. apparently he got VERY UPSET when grandpa & daddy told him we couldn’t go to the moon. VERY UPSET.


so dave distracted him for a minute or two with something and then davey got very upset again b/c he still couldn’t go to the moon.


we may have an astronaut in the family!

a chill saturday


saturday started out with playtime in the bonus room with daddy while mama slept in. then it was time to play outside… ‘cuz it was such nice weather.


did you know i finally found kids’ size camping chairs with arms?



and did you know that davey wanted NOTHING to do with sitting in his chair until sam sat in it? and did you know that my sweet girl likes to make this face and do this "stretch" quite often? i’m so glad i finally caught it on camera!



did you know that it was so very hot and sunny on saturday that we pulled out the "sunscreen tent?"


and did you know that samantha really wanted to crawl OUT of the tent? she really wanted to eat the grass. i’m sure she was somewhat successful with a blade or two when we weren’t paying attention!


and did you know that she can "assume the position" for crawling but she just can’t "make it work" yet? in time. dave says she’ll be crawling around in the next two weeks. does that sound about right to you?


and after naptime, the weather was STILL gorgeous. so we thought it would be a good idea to go and enjoy the park….


did you know that it’s a fun activity for a father and son to fly a kite?


(that second photo is my new favorite photo)


and did you know when the son is "all done" flying the kite, the daddy still likes to fly a kite…. the hard way:

yeah. it’s hard work to fly a kite!  :)


and did you know this cute boy sat patiently while daddy "worked hard" to fly his kite. he was waiting for us to go to the playground (specifically the swings)…


and did you know that when you are less than a month from turning 2 years old that you are big enough to ride the "big kid" swings?!



and you can finally sit on the teeter-toter all by yourself:




8 month recap

my sweet samantha…..



at 8 months you are:

- rolling over and over and over and around

- army crawling and "slithering"

- getting ready to crawl (you get up and your hands and knees and rock back and forth – and then you get REALLY made b/c you can’t figure out how to move forward)

- your hair is growing in thick, thick, thick (like daddy and mama’s) but it’s still quite short

- you love to eat. you’re not a fan of any mixture of fruit containing bananas. you love green veggies and would eat green beans all day long, if i would let you

- you want to eat real food so desperately. thus far you’ve had rice, teriyaki chicken, banana, graham crackers, homemade pound cake (so yummy, grandma!)…

- you are teething like a mad-woman… but we see and feel nothing in those gums!

- you can clap your hands (and you’re quite proud of it)

- you rarely growl anymore

- you still smile the biggest smiles, though laughter/giggles are still few and far between

- are are in awe of your big brother and he loves to entertain you, share with you and take toys away from you (he also likes to eat your cheerios and puffs)

- you love to share bath time with davey

- when daddy gets you out of the tub, you always (without fail) pee in your towel before he can get a diaper on you

- you HATE getting dressed (and getting your diaper changed) and you squirm around to make it exceedingly difficult

- your eyes are still very big and very blue. and i love that.

- with this teething business you’re not sleeping through the night anymore – i hope this soon will pass

- you are 100% formula-fed now

- you like drinking apple juice from a sippy cup

- you are not a "please hold me and i will sit still and cuddle with you" baby. not at all. and that makes me sad. 

- you’ve been sitting up on your own for quite some time

- you can walk if we hold your hands but you’re not interested in it at all. you don’t try to pull yourself up, either. you just REALLY want to be able to crawl!

- you can hold your own bottle…. you can also grab it from the floor or the crib and move it around correctly so it’s in your mouth (impressive)!


 and not to be outdone by his little sister, this guy is pretty darn cute, too:

this week

i have no excuse for being a bad blogger lately. i do apologize. deeply. here’s our week in review….


Friday (june 19th) – celebrate dad/grandpa’s birthday…. davey got to help dad blow out the candle



Saturday – nothing much. 


on sunday evening, we went over to hang out with the family (so dad and dave could play with dad’s new wii golf game) – and i love this photo of dad (grandpa) with sam:

 i know it’s not the most flattering, but i think it shows a lot of emotion. i love how IN LOVE the grandparents (including nana) are with our kids!


we got some good smiles from sam (she gives ‘em all the time…. just not to the camera!)



and then we had a snack of some bunny crackers…. some naughty bunny crackers:

 as you can see, the bunnies on the top are obviously related b/c the bunny below them and on the right is missing his ears. we did not remove the bunny’s ears – he was born that way!


and then davey enjoyed some short superman and spiderman films with uncle tom while the rest of us did something else in the living room…


Monday – play group and i did something to my back. OUCH!

Tuesday – i worked at the store. and had a lot of fun. i love it there… Treasury really is my happy place these days! that night sam was a monster. i lost count how many times i had to get up with her. we’re thinking she’s teething but we can’t feel or see anything. ugh. 


Wednesday (June 24) – sam turned 8 months old AND we had a play date with Cece (this is becoming a weekly thing) where the kids enjoyed playing with some old school toys: 


i think this is my favorite shot of the day:

i also have some pretty cute photos of davey and cece’s feet. cece was trying on some sandals while wearing some cute pink striped socks (turns out i gave her the socks and i was giving her the sandals, too!)… which makes her a true northwest girl…. socks and sandals!

It was another rough night with sam, though not nearly as bad as tuesday night! 


Thursday – i was up, showered, dressed, hair and make-up done…. and i was downstairs and drinking this:

before either of the kids were up. it’s just hot cocoa (made with 1/2 water and 1/2 milk) but it was tasty. i also folded 3 loads of laundry… so it wasn’t an entirely relaxing "late start" to the day!


Friday – just chillin’ at home some more. we hit a few garage sales in the morning. had a fun visit from auntie taryn in mid afternoon. i tried to take some "8-month" photos of sam in the morning, but they didn’t go so well. and i didn’t push the issue. so here are two outtakes:



maybe i’ll try again tomorrow. once i get a decent photo of her with that elephant (to track her growth) i’ll share a list of "sam at 8 months."


tomorrow’s agenda is unknown. we have nothing on the calendar. it’s our last "free weekend" before 5 weekends of MADNESS (also known as "the month of july"), so i plan to enjoy the laziness to the fullest. and i should plan davey’s birthday party since it’s next saturday (the 4th)!

it’s all about her

she’s still not very interested in her own binkies…. most of the time…. but for whatever reason, she LOVES to chew on davey’s binkies:


hmmmm. which one do i want to chew on right now…. red? or blue?


and i guess water bottles are really good teethers, too:

killer outfit, eh? leggings, matching shirt (that often exposes her belly!) and a little skirt. had it been a hint colder today, she would’ve worn the matching sweatshirt. nana to the rescue, again!


and one more for good measure:


tomorrow she will turn 8 months old. crazy. today i get to go to work, as long as my back cooperates (somehow it went "out" yesterday – what does that even mean?) so i’ll likely post  some 8-month photos and an updated "sam at 8 month" list on wednesday. i hope that’s okay with you. ‘cuz i’m fine with it!


happy 7th anniversary to our dear friends tim & carrilee….. i regret to inform that i don’t have a recent photo of you two toge†her… and you don’t want to see the first photo i found of you in my photo library…. so instead, here’s a photo of tim (with henry, dave and davey):


and a photo of carrilee with jorja:


i know they’re not celebrating until tomorrow (tuesday) night, but i still wanted to wish them a "happy" on their day. i did that this morning when clee called me (around 9:15-ish) and she laughed pretty hard…. b/c she and tim BOTH forgot to tell each other "happy anniversary" that morning. just goes to show you what happens after 7 years, 2 kids and when your anniversary is on a monday!  :)


love you guys bunches…. not sure where we’d be without you two! 

stupid human tricks

remember that segment from time to time on dave letterman’s show… the "stupid human tricks" segment? back when my right tear duct was blocked (several years ago), i thought i should go on the show and squirt water out of my eye. that’s how badly blocked it was… i just had to push on the corner of my eye/nose and water would literally SHOOT out of my eye (trust me, my office wall had the "streams" of tears/water to prove it)!


but i know a little girl who has a pretty cool trick she should show to the world. her daddy calls it "The Vacuum." silly little jorja. she normally looks like this:


she knows how to crawl "regularly," but for some reason, she also likes to move around like this: 


especially when she’s tired. her head actually touches the floor and she uses her feet (and her hands somewhat) to move forward…. while her head drags on the ground (like a vacuum cleaner)! it’s the FUNNIEST thing to watch b/c she’ll bump into furniture. stop. sit up. turn. and then start going again in another direction.


sweet jorja girl, i love you…. you are petite and sweet and oh-so-clever. and that really is a stupid human trick (not stupid human. just stupid trick. but you’re a human. i thought i’d better make that clear)! 

for dad and Liz

happy birthday to my wonderful father-in-law:

this man truly delights in life. especially in his family. he celebrates with every lesson learned, every victory, every accomplishment that each of his children, children-in-law and grandchildren experience. he is easy-going, fun-loving and (secretly) a kid at heart.


additionally, today is also the 18th birthday of my niece, Elizabeth (Liz). 

 (she’s on the left in blue).


she is now a high school graduate. she considers herself a geek. she loves music and i got to watch a clip of her doing some ballroom dancing this week (i LOVE facebook) that she had to do for school. later this summer she’ll move across the country from her family (from NY to CA) to begin her college career. 


so today i will mail liz’s birthday card and gift (which will arrive late – as usual) and tonight we will celebrate dad’s birthday with dinner and dessert at dad & mom’s house.


happy birthday to two wonderful people!

barrettes…. almost


i almost forgot to tell you that i tried some barrettes in sam’s hair last week:

pretty cute, huh? pretty little, too. she didn’t seem to mind them, though she sure wouldn’t sit still for me to put them in. they stayed in place until she started rolling around too much. i tried again on saturday after her nap. she was in the living room playing when i heard some commotion. and then davey came into the kitchen (where i was cleaning) and said "hair?" and held out one of her barrettes to me. apparently i don’t have to worry about sam taking them out of her own hair…. davey will do it for me (b/c HE wants to wear them, too)! 

tub time

on saturday night, davey was in the tub when i took sam upstairs to change her stinky diaper. (her VERY stinky diaper). we stopped to say hi to davey and daddy in the bathroom. and davey said "baby. baby." and he pointed to a spot next to him in the tub. she needed a bath, so i got her diaper off and cleaned her up a bit and then plopped her down next to davey. the two had a grand old time in the tub together…. this was the first time they were both in there (together) for an extended period of time….


after i took these photos, there was some splashing going on. i could hear dave telling davey "no splashing." what i could not hear (unfortunately), was davey telling sam "no splashing, baby!" while pointing his forefinger at her! we tried to get it on video, but he wouldn’t do it (until the second that dave turned OFF the video camera)!