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my facebook status this morning was something to the effect of "i choose that today will be a good day. i choose. i choose. i choose…"


it’s a very good thing that i made that choice this morning. it was prompted by a TWO HOUR visit with davey yesterday from 3-5 a.m. yeah. and when he FINALLY fell back asleep (after 2 hours. no joke. he kept saying "hi mama!" in his sweet voice at full volume) i was able to crawl back into my own bed… for about 40 minutes until sam wanted to eat. sigh. it was a rough night. which i knew would lead to a rough morning (for me), so while i was in the shower, i MADE. THE. CHOICE. to have a good day.


while that choice was very necessary in the morning and early afternoon, by late afternoon, the sun was shining and we were having a good day. we had a play date with cece and her mama, Christy, my former roommate. davey LOVES playing with cece. and she seems to like him (apparently, she’s afraid of most kids):


what you don’t see in this picture are the two of them laughing hysterically as they jumped on the couch. and davey kissing cece (upon my request). and davey pitching a fit when cece got to eat her very late lunch. they had fun. and davey was MAD when we left (could have something to do with his 30 minute nap in the car from home to cece’s house…. his ONLY nap of the day…. remember my CHOICE)!


and sam wasn’t difficult today, but she sure did poo an awful lot today. i think i changed 6 dirty diapers today with 4 of them belonging to her. sheesh! but here’s a very, VERY RARE photo of sam:

it’s rare not b/c she’s sleeping (she actually does a lot of that) but it’s rare b/c there’s a binkie in her mouth. seriously. and it was in there for longer than 30 seconds. i kid you not. it’s still not a regular thing in our home, but she enjoys playing with them now. and chewing on them. and every now and then it will help her calm down to suck on a binkie. hmmmm… it only took her 6+ months to figure out that they aren’t such a bad thing?!  :)

One thought on “play date

  1. Cece is getting so big, cute and absolutely adorable! Davey, watch that kissing stuff to unrelated females your age and younger! Save them for Nanas, Grandmas, Aunts, Mamas and sisters.

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