oh funny things….


while i was getting ready yesterday, davey was playing in the bathroom around me. this is a normal occurrence in our home. he pulled a tampon out of the cabinet and said "mmmmm. cheese."


he thought it was string cheese. 


and i laughed.

One thought on “oh funny things….

  1. Ha Ha! I have pics of Isaac in hysterics because I tried to take away the fistful of Tampons he found under the sink. After a few days of this, I just gave in & let him play with them. He started pretending to be the Easter Bunny and hiding them all over our apt. We found some of his better hiding spots when we moved. Funny boys!! I’ve started keeping a notebook with all these funny stories & big accomplishments so I can remember the day to day. It’s fun to look back even now, only a few months into it.

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