i’m SO GLAD that may is nearing a close. why? because it’s "Moustache Month" at Logos. Or on Dave’s team at Logos. whatever. i’m not a fan:

it’s not bad. i’m just not a fan.


today i got to go to Treasury without the kids. i dropped the pathfinder at the dealership for an oil change and 15,000 mile service. and when i was finished with a quick project at the store, since i had a "loaner" car until my vehicle was finished, i did a little shopping at TJ Maxx and Ross. Found some cute new tops. and a dress. and this:


neither are great photos. my apologies. i think the colors in the first photo are a little more true to life. but how fun that you open it up and find three different tablets to make LISTS. one of my favorite things! oh julie, i KNOW you’re on your way to TJ Maxx right now to pick up one of these, aren’t you? it was only $5.99… a steal, i think. i just couldn’t resist. which is what they wanted since i found it in the section that i call "last minute grab-and-go purchases" (meaning in the area where you can continue to shop while you stand and wait in line to check out!).


the weather here has been pretty sweet and is supposed to continue. tomorrow our great friends are driving out from MONTANA to visit us! we are SO EXCITED! we haven’t seen them in 3 years. in fact, i believe it was memorial day weekend 2006 the last time we saw them… when we drove out there! it was before either of us had kids… i’m looking forward to meeting sweet eliana (who will be THREE years old this july)! 




2 thoughts on “moustache

  1. tam, i LOVE the list maker book you picked up at tjmax. it’s totally me! if you’re there again and see them could you pick one up for me? i can mail you the $ and you could drop it off with ross’ parents as we’ll be seeing them in july. and no big deal if it’s doesn’t work. just thought i would try. thanks tam!

  2. I stopped at TJ Maxx and got the note pad… here’s hoping I use it! I just couldn’t pass it up, it’s exactly what i’ve been keeping my eye out for! Thanks for the tip.

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