finally easter

 now that it’s may, i decided it was FINALLY time to show you the easter photos dave took of the kiddos! none of the photos are stellar, but that’s because we have the new problem in life of trying to get TWO little kids/babies to look at the camera and smile at the same time…. doesn’t happen very often (if ever?!) so here are the best of the best:



this morning the kids and i are off on an adventure… we’re going to try to be the first at a garage sale in ferndale to score a little tikes coupe car for davey for $10. i LOVE the THRILL of finding a good bargain – be it on craigslist or at a garage sale or in a department store. dave now loves craigslist as much as i do. he found a weight bench (complete with weights) for $15! now he can stop giving his mom grief for selling his at a garage sale YEARS ago!


happy friday to all!

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