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the spit

so with the few minutes i have before we head out to the spit tonight to celebrate reid’s birthday, here are some photos from our adventure there LAST sunday evening (thanks so much for the invite, trisha!)…

some of the gang and the boys doing some race-thing running in circles and jumping from log to log:


dave did eat it at one point. still has some scabs on his leg. i love when these boys get together, though… they really do let loose and have fun. b/c, after all, boys will be boys! 


this is sweet maria (mama to a 12-week old girl whom i haven’t met yet). maria was awesome. somehow, i ate 4 s’mores throughout the evening and i never picked up a roasting stick… she kept walking around serving food to people. she was in her glory (her sweet baby girl was at home with grandma).



our weekend visitors from montana, leif, elliana and elizabeth wickland… it’s the only photo i have of the 3 of them together!

i am SOOOOO THANKFUL you guys made the LOOOOONG drive out here to see us! it had been THREE years since we last saw them (E was pregnant with "Phoebe" – Eliana’s "inside" name – at the time)! it was so wonderful to catch up with them again (though i’m very thankful for our blogs which have helped us stay more up-to-date through the years), to take them to some of our favorite places (b/c we had GORGEOUS weather while they were here!) AND to scrapbook with E while the boys did their "computer geek" talk! and they "accidentally" left a stroller behind, so we might get to see them again in August (that’s what you’re thinking, right E?)! Twice in one summer would be a new record, i think. i miss you guys already! (for the first day or two after they left, davey would look around and say "ellie? ellie’s car?" it was so cute. he’s such a sweetheart and he LOVES other kids!)


here’s ellie enjoying a s’mores and a much better photo of her darling mama (love you, E!):



here are Jorja and Jaden: 


Joshua (notice the rock he threw was captured in the photo?) and Henry, Davey & Jaden:


Jaden sharing his binkie with his dad (Justin) and mom (Brandi) enjoying the show:

 my Dave throwing rocks at a log in the water (which he did hit, by the way!)

 some of my favorite photos of Davey from the evening (i took TONS more):


 and some of my favorites of Samantha from the evening (again, i have quite a few more):


that’s Emma (Jaden’s older sister) holding Sam. Emma LOVES babies. she was a great helper (as was her mama – thanks, Brandi, for loving on Sam)!


over the years, our adventures at the Spit have changed a bit. a chair per person and a cooler with beverages and some food. then we added a few kids and there were diaper bags, car seats, blankets and more. now with kids that can walk and run and play, there are toys, more chairs (for the kids), larger diaper bags, potty runs (for those with potty trained kids), LOTS more dirt and sand everywhere… but still the same friends hanging out, laughing, drinking, eating, roasting marshmallows and having a great time. i hope this year finds us all at the Spit much more often. it’s relaxing. even though it’s a lot more work than it used to be. it’s still relaxing.


so a giant, public THANK YOU to brant & trisha for thinking of an evening at The Spit and for making it happen!



what could be better than french fries


and sitting on grandpa’s scooter?


not much, according to these kiddos!


spent my "free time" last night uploading photos to costco instead of blogging about last weekend. i promise – that post is coming soon. i woke up this morning with awful sinus issues (allergies really blow – pun intended). and then i spilled milk all over the floor (i actually dropped the almost-full gallon of milk and it broke and there was a mess – no, i did not cry over the spilled milk… but now i have to clean the kitchen floor and THAT might make me cry!). despite this, i’m glad it’s friday. hopefully there will be outside playtime and a trip to the grocery store today. 


7 months

has it already been 7 months with this sweet girl as part of our family?


we had a rough start but we have pulled through those very difficult times and we now have a happy, healthy, big girl to show for it. here’s a little list of samantha at 7 months:

 - wearing size 6-9 and 6-12 month clothing

 - wearing size 3 diapers

 - LOVES to eat cheerios, puffs and baby food

 - prefers GREEN veggies to orange ones

 - can (easily) eat TWO stage 2 veggie containers for a meal 

 - has not yet tried fruit

 - still takes 2 naps a day (occasionally 3)

 - sleeps from (roughly) 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.

 - seems to be finished with nursing

 - still has big blue eyes

 - sits up unassisted

 - rolls over (especially back to tummy)

 - loves to smile but still doesn’t laugh too much

 - intently watches everything davey does

 - still thoroughly enjoys her time in the exersaucer and doorway jumper

 - is fascinated by remote controllers

 - sat in the shopping cart today (first time)

 - likes to hold her own bottle 

 - spent a lot of time yesterday sucking on her big toe (until it was pruny!)

 - her feet get sweaty quite easily

 - still has big ham-hock thighs!  (so cute)!

 - has thick, thick hair (that is growing very, very slowly – says the mom who desperately wants to put her daughter’s hair in pigtails)

 - will "take" a pacifier every once in awhile

 - has eaten real rice and french fries

 - is super smiley (is that a word) when i get her from her crib

 - new favorite past time: spitting and in other ways playing with her tongue, lips and saliva!


Samantha, we love you so much. You have blessed our family in so many ways. You have stretched our hearts to contain more love than we thought possible. You are a delight. A joy. A sweetheart. And you will forever be our little "porkchop!"



and totally unrelated…. b/c i want to maybe win something….. here’s a link to a FUN blog with a new scrapbooking kit club adventure: MARGIE’S BLOG

been a bit busy

so we’ve been a bit busy around here, though that’s not a good excuse for my lack of blog posts and photos. this one will be short – just to tell you that we had company (our good friends from montana) all weekend (they left early this morning) and today i get to work at the store, so i’ll be gone all day. hopefully i’ll be able to post a good, long update tomorrow, complete with photos.


and i haven’t forgotten… sam turned 7 months on sunday. she’s doing so many new things these days (or so it seems). so that post will be coming soon (along with 7-month photos that i have yet to take)!


so until tomorrow or thursday, here’s a peek at our trip to the Spit on sunday night with lots and lots of good friends:



 i’m SO GLAD that may is nearing a close. why? because it’s "Moustache Month" at Logos. Or on Dave’s team at Logos. whatever. i’m not a fan:

it’s not bad. i’m just not a fan.


today i got to go to Treasury without the kids. i dropped the pathfinder at the dealership for an oil change and 15,000 mile service. and when i was finished with a quick project at the store, since i had a "loaner" car until my vehicle was finished, i did a little shopping at TJ Maxx and Ross. Found some cute new tops. and a dress. and this:


neither are great photos. my apologies. i think the colors in the first photo are a little more true to life. but how fun that you open it up and find three different tablets to make LISTS. one of my favorite things! oh julie, i KNOW you’re on your way to TJ Maxx right now to pick up one of these, aren’t you? it was only $5.99… a steal, i think. i just couldn’t resist. which is what they wanted since i found it in the section that i call "last minute grab-and-go purchases" (meaning in the area where you can continue to shop while you stand and wait in line to check out!).


the weather here has been pretty sweet and is supposed to continue. tomorrow our great friends are driving out from MONTANA to visit us! we are SO EXCITED! we haven’t seen them in 3 years. in fact, i believe it was memorial day weekend 2006 the last time we saw them… when we drove out there! it was before either of us had kids… i’m looking forward to meeting sweet eliana (who will be THREE years old this july)! 




play date

my facebook status this morning was something to the effect of "i choose that today will be a good day. i choose. i choose. i choose…"


it’s a very good thing that i made that choice this morning. it was prompted by a TWO HOUR visit with davey yesterday from 3-5 a.m. yeah. and when he FINALLY fell back asleep (after 2 hours. no joke. he kept saying "hi mama!" in his sweet voice at full volume) i was able to crawl back into my own bed… for about 40 minutes until sam wanted to eat. sigh. it was a rough night. which i knew would lead to a rough morning (for me), so while i was in the shower, i MADE. THE. CHOICE. to have a good day.


while that choice was very necessary in the morning and early afternoon, by late afternoon, the sun was shining and we were having a good day. we had a play date with cece and her mama, Christy, my former roommate. davey LOVES playing with cece. and she seems to like him (apparently, she’s afraid of most kids):


what you don’t see in this picture are the two of them laughing hysterically as they jumped on the couch. and davey kissing cece (upon my request). and davey pitching a fit when cece got to eat her very late lunch. they had fun. and davey was MAD when we left (could have something to do with his 30 minute nap in the car from home to cece’s house…. his ONLY nap of the day…. remember my CHOICE)!


and sam wasn’t difficult today, but she sure did poo an awful lot today. i think i changed 6 dirty diapers today with 4 of them belonging to her. sheesh! but here’s a very, VERY RARE photo of sam:

it’s rare not b/c she’s sleeping (she actually does a lot of that) but it’s rare b/c there’s a binkie in her mouth. seriously. and it was in there for longer than 30 seconds. i kid you not. it’s still not a regular thing in our home, but she enjoys playing with them now. and chewing on them. and every now and then it will help her calm down to suck on a binkie. hmmmm… it only took her 6+ months to figure out that they aren’t such a bad thing?!  :)





davey and i built this tower on his lego boat (garage sale find!) earlier this week! about 10 seconds after i took this photo, he knocked it over (on purpose). it’s his favorite part!


and this little girl (my sweet pork chop) has a new trick:

she likes to sit up unassisted. she’s not great yet, but she can do it. she’s also IN. LOVE. with cheerios and puffs. can’t get enough of them. surprisingly, she can even get a few into her mouth on her own, though she definitely needs help with most of them. she also LOVES food. so far she’s only had veggies. but we haven’t found one she doesn’t like. peas. green beans. squash. sweet potatoes. carrots. any of the two combined. she INHALES them.  literally… it’s like a "slurping" thing she does to get the food from the spoon to her mouth and down her throat! 


it’s been a good week. there have definitely been pulling-out-my-hair moments, but as i look back, i laughed a lot with my sweet kids. and we enjoyed the sunshine when we had it. and we had fun playing inside on rainy days. today was a sunshine-filled day. and it included some AWESOME news for me. i stopped by the lynden consignment stores to see how much money i had earned (tomorrow is girls’ shopping day)… i was hoping for about $50 total. i doubled that. seriously. $105. suh-sweet! AND i have a gift certificate (from dave) to use anywhere to purchase "one ladies coat" of my choice (a spring/fall trench coat) – that’s my mothers’ day gift. 


there should be a LOT of shopping happening tomorrow. i have gift cards. i have cash. and i have a list of "to purchase" items for myself and my kids. i am also looking forward to spending the day with linda (dave’s mom), taryn (jeff’s fiance) and rachel (dave’s sister). we had so much fun last year that we wanted to do it again this year. i’m hoping this will be an annual event!


(shhh… i might even hit a few garage sales BEFORE i pick up mom)!


dave and his dad are gonna stay home with the kids… and hopefully get a few things accomplished around the house, too. so please pray that the kids are WELL BEHAVED for dave and dave. 


thursday – yesterday was a GREAT day. we had a FUN play date at OUR house in the morning with carrilee, henry and jorja dyck. both jorja and samantha took naps. the boys played well together. and i helped carrilee whip out 20 thank you cards for the Grace Place staff. we even pulled together a lunch from my random ingredients!


after they left and i cleaned up the house and got both kids napping, i took some time for myself. my creativity was flowing thanks to the cards i’d made earlier, so i played around with some paint, canvas, vinyl and ribbon. i apologize for the photos…..


the canvas in davey’s room and sam’s room are size 12×12. the "family" one is 6×12. i love how they turned out and how quickly they came together. and how EASY they are to create!


here’s what sam’s room looks like now:

her new vinyl is on the right side of the photo. on the left side of the photo is her "great-grandma" wall. something handmade from grandma dunkin 

 (that took a LOT of hours of hard work. i used to do counted cross stitch a lot. this was a time-consuming project. and i LOVE it)!

and something from gigi’s apartment:


a holly hobby plate that she had hanging above her sink/kitchen area in her studio. i LOVED holly hobby when i was growing up. this plate was the perfect thing for samantha (and i) to inherit.


here’s what davey’s one wall looks like now:

the clear pail on the left is a trash can. i plan to lower it a bit but haven’t done it yet. 


and finally, my "family" vinyl:


if you’ve read this far, thanks for following my vinyl journey today! E – i hope i’ve made you proud (and the vinyl girls, too)! i also got to work on a mini book today. i started it earlier this week…. a mini book about our trip to PA and NY last summer with davey. it’s FUN! FUN! FUN! i’m actually contemplating making another (similar) one and TEACHING it at the store! we’ll see if i get motivated enough for that!


quite the adventure

so last thursday i had quite an adventure. i had a follow-up appointment from my eye surgery. the appointment was in mount vernon, about 45 minutes from home. and i wanted to stop at the outlets before my appointment. carrilee had agreed to watch davey for me so i only had to "haul" sam with me. but then she suggested we try our first outing with all four kids. yep. all. four. henry (age 3), dave (age 21 months), jorja (age 9 months) and samantha (age 6 months).


we loaded up the kids into carrilee’s van:


and headed south. i was able to return some items at carters and buy some things the kids needed (sandals for davey and pjs for sam) and we still got to the appointment on time. with two sleeping kids (the girls).


carrilee sat in the van with the kids while i went in for my appointment. unfortunately, they scheduled me too soon so the stent couldn’t come out. and now, the doctor wants it to stay in until early JULY. seriously. two more months. oh well. i can handle it. i can’t feel it. and most people don’t notice it. but i had hoped it would come out. sigh. 


after the visit to the eye doctor’s office, we headed to mc donalds (with a big play place) so the boys could run around before the drive home. the girls sat in highchairs (sam’s first time sitting in a restaurant high chair!) while the boys ran, crawled and climbed around. 


(don’t ya love that rattle in sam’s mouth?)

here’s davey INSIDE the play place structure:



and on the way home, davey conked out:

sam slept for a little while and then did something she hasn’t done in MONTHS… cried ALL. THE. WAY. HOME from bellingham. ALL THE WAY. cried so hard she got jorja going. and just outside of the lynden city limits, henry added his voice to the melee. it was crazy. clee and i looked at each other and all we could do was laugh. LAUGH. and she drove a little faster. yep. faster. and davey slept through it all. 


it was good to get home and get both of the kids into their beds/cribs and enjoy their overlapping naptime. i’m glad we tried the adventure. it was a successful outing. and i would do it again. but maybe not tomorrow!  :)


thanks, carrilee, for the fun times!