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as promised, here’s my review of the recipes we’ve tried from my fix freeze feast cookbook.

- tequila lime chicken: i really like this. but the recipe needs some tweaking. less soy sauce and more tequila, lime and margarita mix. lots more. seriously. (it also needs a little more garlic). the recipe "as is" tastes like chicken in soy sauce. but with some adjustments, mmmmmmmm!  :)

- cashew chicken stir fry: nothing special, but the chicken (since it marinades all day in the sauce) is really tasty. as usual, i divided it into more entrees (smaller sizes) and there wasn’t enough sauce. for veggies, i just buy a big bag from costco for less than $10 and "defrost" some of them in the microwave and add it to the stir fry. also, i add the cashews for the last few minutes of the "stir fry" b/c i want them heated a little bit. (and note: it doesn’t take 15-25 minutes to stir fry your chicken. not even close)!

- teriyaki chicken: yummy…. BUT don’t make the mistake (like i did) of buying BONELESS chicken thighs. ugh. took me over an hour to cut the fat and nastiness from all that chicken. and then it made less entrees. AND the chicken cooked faster than the recipe suggested (b/c there were no bones and it was in smaller pieces) so the sauce couldn’t quite thicken up. sigh. it had good flavor, though, so i will try this one again. better flavor than from a bottle of teriyaki sauce you get at the grocery store (in my opinion, at least).  Karla, Andrew and Katelynn Bright really enjoyed this meal (apparently, Katelynn said it was the best chicken she’s ever had – she’s 3). IF that isn’t an amazing recommendation, I don’t know what is!!  :)

- 4 Bs pork chops: so tasty. no need to change the recipe at all, either. we really do enjoy the flavor and i’ve finally learned how to NOT overcook them!   :)

- margarita pork chops: i like the subtle flavor of this recipe. i cut my chops in half (to make them thinner) and put 4 thin chops (or 2 thick ones) in a baggie and then altered the recipe as follows: 1 c margarita mix, 1 T garlic, 1 t salt and some fresh ground pepper. mmmmm. note: broiling time for thin chops is minimal (overcooked pork gets too dry). 

- rice pilaf: makes a LOT more than the recipe suggests (or we do SMALL portions/servings in our home). i used only 1 c of carrots (rather than 2) and 3/4 c of onion (rather than a whole cup) and no celery (dave hates cooked celery). i think that was PLENTY of carrots & onion. but i would recommend more chicken boullion granules to add more flavor… then again, rice pilaf is usually pretty flavor-less. another note: my largest skillet was NOT large enough to pre-make/prep this dish. i should’ve done it in two shifts. just a note for any of you who plan to try it!

- vegetarian lasagna (made with the red sauce from the cookbook): tasty. very, very tasty. "good flavor" were the words dave used. i would prefer MORE veggies but dave thought there were plenty of veggies in there. 

- apples & cheddar: so gross. ick. the half & half and cheese never made a "sauce." it looked way worse than it tasted. but it simply tasted like an apple slice and a cheese slice. not worth the effort. but now i have about 5 small entrees in my freezer – anyone want one?!  :)

- garlic mashed potatoes: the recipe needs to add more garlic. lots of it (and i’m not a garlic-a-holic). they’re not the best garlic mashed ‘taters i’ve ever had, but they’re good. and i will make them again (when i run out of what we’ve got stockpiled)! 

- brown sugar & bourbon marinade (for salmon): too sweet. definitely suggest DECREASING the brown sugar and increasing the bourbon. aside from the sweet factor, it does add a good flavor to salmon and this is now a "regular" salmon marinade in our home. 


this weekend (at a brunch potluck) we’ll be tasting the cheesy biscuit mix (well, the cheesy biscuits, not the mix!). i’ll let you know if that’s any good. and i haven’t sat down yet to do menu planning for next week… not sure if we’ll try any new recipes this coming week or not. i hope this helps someone!


additionally: i haven’t made any recipes from my Deceptively Delicious cookbook yet. BUT i have been adding a baby food container of SQUASH to a box of macaroni and cheese. davey eats it just like he did before there were veggies in it. and it makes it creamier (when it’s first made and hot, though, i can taste & smell the squash in it). i like that he’s getting veggies (some are better than none) when he eats his "ma-cheese."

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