6 months

friday…. april 24th



today is a special day. samantha jane dunkin has been on this earth for 1/2 a year. and as i type these words, she is in the exersaucer, stomping her feet and making cute spitting and "talking" noises! at 6 months, sam is:


- smiling all the time with a big, big smile that can light up a room!

- still has big, beautiful blue eyes

- still loves to eat – breast milk, formula, rice cereal, green beans and gerber sweet potato baby puffs have all made their way into her mouth and stomach (and she often chooses a bottle over nursing)

- still doesn’t sleep through the night (bedtime at 8 with a wake-up call for mama around 3:30 a.m.)

- is wearing size 3 diapers

- is wearing clothing in sizes 6-9 and 6-12 months

- loves to be upright – exersaucer or the tigger doorway jumper

- no teeth yet, but still chews and sucks on her fingers/fists throughout the day

- LOVES to watch her brother do ANYTHING

- learning to tolerate (and momentarily enjoy) bathtime

- still has some baby dry skin issues

- no longer interested in trying to roll over (never quite made it when she was interested)

- just starting to laugh

- naps 2-3 times a day, with a long afternoon nap

- is too heavy to be carried in the car seat anymore (official weight and length pending doctor’s appointment)

- can hold a rattle or other toy and likes to play with them

- about breaks my back if i try to heft her around in the baby bjorn anymore!

- still has sweaty feet that tend to overheat from time to time

- hasn’t had her acid reflex medicine in about a week and seems to be doing fine

- still spits up a little from time to time

- loves to be talked to and played with by anyone

-nicknames: sam-sam, porkchop, bebe

- hair is filling in (no more bald spot)

- head is rounding out (back flat spot isn’t so flat anymore)

- tolerates the car seat and will even enjoy it if there are toys to watch and touch

- shoots you the BIGGEST, toothless smile when you are going to "rescue" her from her crib!

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