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sam and jorja

 have i told you lately about my dear friend, carrilee? or her sweet girl, jorja?

carrilee has been a rock for me. always there. ready (AND WILLING) to help anyone, anytime. thank you, carrilee, for seven years of faithful friendship. i really would be lost without you!


and jorja… she was born last july – so she’s 3 months older than samantha. but guess what? my baby girl is as long as jorja. and she’s wider. perhaps heavier, too. i am so excited to watch these girls grow together. learn together. play together. i hope they are as good of friends as their mamas! 


this photo was taken on easter sunday after church. even though carrilee and i have been GOOD friends for seven years, we have very few photos together. i will treasure this one for a long, long time. 

being outside

what do you like to do on a beautiful, sunny day? we had a saturday with ZERO plans. ZERO things demanding our attention. davey woke up EARLY so around 9 something dave declared it "starbucks in pjs" day. we all piled into the pathfinder and drove to starbucks in our jammies. we did, however, go through the drive-thru. i think it would’ve been a little too much for all of us to tromp into starbucks on a crowded saturday morning wearing our jammies!


late in the afternoon, we took a walk to the park. it was chilly outside, but GORGEOUS. we actually had the playground almost entirely to ourselves for about 10 minutes. it was crazy. BOTH of the "little kid" swings were available, so samantha got to try swinging for the first time….

i think she liked it…. what do you think?


at one point, i had not two, but THREE kids enjoying the swings:

from left to right that’s sam, davey and sam. after this photo was taken, dave JUMPED off the swing while it was still in motion (did you ever do that as a kid? i LOVED doing that) and i took his place. and then he was swinging next to me… how fun to be a swinging family of four!


it’s been a beautiful week. i’m not sure what happened to all the gray skies and rain that were forecasted, but i’m not complaining. i have a lot of photos on the desktop (b/c i used dave’s camera) that i want to share with you, but i’m on my laptop right now, so here’s what we’ve got….

davey loves hanging out on the porch swing! and sam is happy in her exersaucer whether it’s inside or outside!



more about sam

earlier this week (the 20th – what day was that?) i pulled out some stage 1 Gerber green beans given to me by a friend (her son won’t eat baby food anymore). sam seemed to like them:

she ate the whole container and seemed to want more! she’s had them again this week and still seemed to like them. i know you normally start babies with squash or carrots or sweet potatoes, but for unknown reasons, i wanted to start sam with a green vegetable. 


and in her attempt to avoid stereotypes, samantha, apparently, wants to be an electronics geek like her dad and brother:


she is FASCINATED by the remote. and my laptop. sigh. i had hoped to have a girl taking after my interests – scrapbooking, shopping, barbies…. you know, girlie things. but i may have a girlie geek on my hands. and that would be okay, too.


on wednesday, dave and i helped his parents clean out granma’s apartment. it was a long day and it started with the kids helping us. thanks to the amazing carrilee, who (on the spur of the moment) watched both of my kids AND her two kids at the same time. i LOVE you, sweet friend! but before the kids were shipped off at (okay, delivered to) carrilee’s house, sam had a little catnap on the floor of granma’s apartment:


i love you, my sweet baby girl!

6 months

friday…. april 24th



today is a special day. samantha jane dunkin has been on this earth for 1/2 a year. and as i type these words, she is in the exersaucer, stomping her feet and making cute spitting and "talking" noises! at 6 months, sam is:


- smiling all the time with a big, big smile that can light up a room!

- still has big, beautiful blue eyes

- still loves to eat – breast milk, formula, rice cereal, green beans and gerber sweet potato baby puffs have all made their way into her mouth and stomach (and she often chooses a bottle over nursing)

- still doesn’t sleep through the night (bedtime at 8 with a wake-up call for mama around 3:30 a.m.)

- is wearing size 3 diapers

- is wearing clothing in sizes 6-9 and 6-12 months

- loves to be upright – exersaucer or the tigger doorway jumper

- no teeth yet, but still chews and sucks on her fingers/fists throughout the day

- LOVES to watch her brother do ANYTHING

- learning to tolerate (and momentarily enjoy) bathtime

- still has some baby dry skin issues

- no longer interested in trying to roll over (never quite made it when she was interested)

- just starting to laugh

- naps 2-3 times a day, with a long afternoon nap

- is too heavy to be carried in the car seat anymore (official weight and length pending doctor’s appointment)

- can hold a rattle or other toy and likes to play with them

- about breaks my back if i try to heft her around in the baby bjorn anymore!

- still has sweaty feet that tend to overheat from time to time

- hasn’t had her acid reflex medicine in about a week and seems to be doing fine

- still spits up a little from time to time

- loves to be talked to and played with by anyone

-nicknames: sam-sam, porkchop, bebe

- hair is filling in (no more bald spot)

- head is rounding out (back flat spot isn’t so flat anymore)

- tolerates the car seat and will even enjoy it if there are toys to watch and touch

- shoots you the BIGGEST, toothless smile when you are going to "rescue" her from her crib!

just a chuckle

 today was a long day. we cleaned out granma’s (gigi’s) studio apartment. dave’s parents leave for nevada tomorrow. the graveside service and a memorial will be on monday. then back to lynden for another memorial service on saturday, may 2nd. 


b/c i need a laugh today, i found some photos that make me laugh. davey often walks around the house and says "hat" and then puts a hat on his head. lately he’s been putting a hat on sam’s head (usually when she’s standing in the exersaucer). the two most common hats worn in this house? one made by nana:

and yet another great find at The Dollar Tree:


if i can get the kids to nap at the same time tomorrow, i might be able to finally post some of their cute photos from easter (photos that dave took) and a few photos of davey eating m&ms (they don’t melt IN your mouth when you drool a lot)!!




 one month ago yesterday this photo was taken:

the last photo of sam and her gigi.


around 3:45 p.m. today, gigi breathed her last breath. and now she is in the presence of her Lord and Savior… a place for which she has longed. 


it was 13 days ago (thursday before easter) when granma went to the hospital. it was 8 days ago (the monday after easter) when granma returned to her home knowing the end was near. she was able to see and talk with many family and friends. people flew and drove hundreds of miles to see her. she is leaving an amazing legacy of love, patience, kindness, and sensitivity. she will be greatly missed. and by passing on today, april 21st, she has left this legacy in the care of her 2nd daughter – my mother-in-law (in pink): 

mom, i hope you know that you already possess many of granma’s amazing characteristics and qualities. granma/gigi will be greatly missed, but she lives on in our hearts. and we know where she is today – celebrating with our Lord… and for that, we rejoice.

just a peek


here’s just a peek at a few photos….

samantha, dori, avari and davey – the children of cousins (dave & roy). i miss these girls (and their parents) already. they began their long drive home to colorado early this morning. we are thankful, however, that we will get to see them again in july when they venture to the great northwest for jeff & taryn’s wedding!


here’s silly davey with not one, but TWO binkies IN his mouth:



and a better photo of him wandering around the house with an old camera saying "cheese!"



and sweet little samantha with her baby that auntie rachel & uncle sterling gave her for christmas:


i did get to attend the 20-hour benefit crop (friday night to saturday) and i had SO MUCH FUN! as is the norm for me every year, i took my camera but never pulled it out of my purse! more on my fun at that event later… 

this week


it’s been a crazy week here with lots and lots of dave’s extended family visiting from out-of-town. oddly enough, i haven’t taken but one photo of family this week. hopefully i’ll change that tonight when we have dinner here again. 


last night, while waiting for family to arrive for dinner, davey decided to run around the house with a bucket on his head. literally:



here’s baby samantha with her cousin john. well, actually dave’s cousin. so that makes these two – um… cousins twice removed? is that how it works? i always get that wrong!

cousin john (who i kept calling "uncle john") left early this morning. we miss you already! and we really wish michelle, mckenzie and mikah had been able to join you!


this morning, davey was wandering around the living room, holding an old camera against his face backwards, saying "cheese!" i tried to capture a photo of him doing it, but this was the best i got:

what a kid!


oh yeah – he’s really a collector, too. he’ll pull all the balls out of his basket of toys and then put them all in one place. usually under the exersaucer…. even when sam’s in there! (love her chubby ‘lil legs)!


additionally, we’ve been doing "secret chicks" (or "secret risen Jesuses") this week at the store. julie was AWESOME and delivered two PERFECT gifts for me from my secret chick. chocolate just when i needed it. and a search-a-word book and sudoku with a bag of original chex mix (my favorite). exactly what i needed during this difficult week. tomorrow is the big benefit crop hosted by the store, so i’m hoping to go. it’s when i get to find out WHO was my secret chick. and when i get to tell who i had. and it’ll be 20+ hours of ME time (which i desperately need right now)… but we’ll wait and see how today and tomorrow progress before we know if i can actually attend the event. 


right now both kids are napping and i’m going to relax & rest a bit myself. 


oh yeah – we/dave finished our taxes last night (nothing like the last minute, eh?) but we found out we’re getting a nice little return. whew! savings account… we need to pump you up!

easter weekend

what a weekend! we started it a bit early – dave had the day off from work on friday… such a treat for us both! we didn’t get an early start to our day, but we did get into bellingham before noon (barely) where we visited jeff (dave’s brother) at work so we could purchase a newly arrived bed…. ahhh… king sized! delivery was set for saturday (woo hoo)! then we ran a few errands, including the quest to find new bedding (which didn’t take all that long, actually)!


on friday afternoon, we had some cute rascals knock on our door. like a clown car (only it was a mini van), SIX kids came POURING out of this mini van. riley (10), lyndsey (8, i think), case & logan (5) and eme & maddie (3) delivered some home made easter baskets to the kids:

samantha got a pink rubber duckie. davey got a marshmallow bunny, a firetruck car and a white & brown chocolate lamb (riley made the chocolate lollipops). davey at the chocolate within 5 minutes of getting his easter basket. thanks, guys, for the easter treats!


on saturday morning, we drove into bellingham for a fun easter egg hunt (davey’s first). it was so well organized (each kid was able to collect about 20 eggs with one of them being a golden egg. the golden eggs were empty, but could be traded for 2 prizes). davey and daddy wandered around the park collecting eggs while i ran around (with sam in the front pack) taking photos.  



then we had to rush home (after a quick trip to cash & carry) so we could be home for the delivery of our new bed….


after spending most of saturday getting ready for a family meal on sunday (cleaning the house, prepping food, etc.), i filled easter baskets and dave and i hid easter eggs for davey (using the same candy he got at the easter egg hunt that morning!)!


and then on sunday morning, after getting their easter baskets (you saw those photos a few days ago), sam spent some time in the exersaucer while davey hunted for eggs…


which he INSISTED on sharing with his sister. it was so sweet. (he actually insisted on putting eggs into her basket at the hunt on saturday, too.)


and then it was time to take some photos of our cute little bunny (those ears were from the dollar spot at target a few weeks ago): 


that face in the first photo is pretty standard for her these days… and i love it! she just likes to suck on her bottom lip…. silly ‘lil pork chop!


and while dave was getting ready, i snapped a few photos of the kids… though he took some much better photos of the kids before we left for church (i’ll share those soon – probably this week). i love sam’s smile in the first photo. after i took these, davey’s hair got spiked (dave did a really good job!) and i remembered sam got some pretty hairbands from nana (which i tucked in her easter basket). davey, of course, wanted to wear the one sam had on (which was pink). and though i knew dave wouldn’t be thrilled, at least davey ended up with a BLUE one on his head (for 5 minutes)!



we hope you had a wonderful easter celebration and didn’t over-indulge your chocolate cravings! 

happy easter!

from our home to yours, we wish you a very happy easter:  



(and i’ll blog soon about the fun easter egg hunts davey did this weekend)



but i do want to take a moment to ask you to pray for our family. gigi (great-granma – my mother-in-law’s mom) is not doing well at all. she’s been in the hospital for a few days, but is returning home (to her retiree dorm) soon (perhaps tomorrow).