our weekend highlight (well, on saturday, at least) was a late afternoon trip to SONIC. dave was fortunate enough to attend college in texas with a sonic nearby. i, however, have never had the pleasure of a strawberry limeaid (made with fresh limes) from a fast food restaurant. until saturday. mmmmmmmmm…… and dave had a tasty shake: vanilla with hot fudge. even more mmmmmmmmm!


(notice my yellow eye? the bruising is mostly gone now but was at it’s peak on saturday)!


as we were leaving the house, i sat down with davey to put on his shoes. i got him in one nike sneaker as he attempted to put on one of his brown shoes. when i went to put on the other nike, he got so upset. so i put on the brown shoe. and then i set him down so we could go on our merry way. dave was SHOCKED (to say the least!) that i was going to let him OUT. OF. THE. HOUSE wearing mis-matching shoes! maybe i’m letting go, but i figured "hey, it’s a drive-in. who cares if his shoes don’t match – no one will know!"


little did i know i would suggest we stop by grandpa & grandma’s house on the way home!

5 thoughts on “sonic

  1. It’s all about picking your battles when it comes to getting your kids dressed! I remember when I used to see kids dressed in mismatched clothes, dress up clothes (before I had kids) and wonder what their parents were thinking, but now that I’ve been there I totally get it! I also have gotten to enjoy the SONIC phenomenon once–there’s one up in Pittsburgh but none near here.

  2. I LOVED the mis-matched shoes! Seeing them brought back fond memories. Just wait til he puts them on himself and they are on the wrong feet :)

  3. Good for you, Tam. Rubber boots with shorts. Batman capes. Sweaters in the summer. It’s all part of the learning process…for both of you! The last two weekends, we’ve been wanting to go to Sonic but haven’t made it yet, for various reasons. Can’t wait, though. We went to one on our big trip and life has not been complete since. HeeHee!

  4. that is so funny about sonic. we actually have one down the street from our house though we don’t go very much. over here we’re excited b/c we just got papa murphy’s. =) love the mismatch shoes. you must scrapbook it! =) speaking of which, have you been able to do any since sam’s been born?

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