almost twins


one day, not too far into the future, i know that someone will ask me about my twins:

isn’t it a bit eerie how alike they look? the older sam grows, the more i think she looks like davey. i didn’t see it when she was "wee" but i certainly see it now! man they’re cute!


we enjoyed some snow today… i hope we see a little bit more of that before we return to our springlike weather. i’m loving the sun we’ve had this winter – i’ll take cold and sunny over chilly and rainy and dreary any day!


i wore my contact lenses today. so far, so good. my eye itches (in the corner where the stent is located) but otherwise i’m doing fine. 


dave ordered a new cookbook for me tonight. it’s called fix, freeze, feast. my friend shelly told me about it at play group today. i was so impressed i came home and researched it a bit more. i’m looking forward to getting my book later this week and cooking some of the recipes next week. you make 1 meal but turn it into a meal for tonight and 3 for the freezer… perfect for us and to share with people in our church. heck. you can even swap some meals with friends for more variety! i’ll let you know how it goes. (i just read through a lot of their website. turns out they’re local to my area… pretty cool)!


speaking of cookbooks, i think it’s time i pull out my deceptively delicious cookbook i bought back in december. i need to get more veggies into davey’s diet and this book might be the answer. dave needs "more plants, less animals" in his diet, too, so i guess we could all benefit from some of the recipes. 

4 thoughts on “almost twins

  1. Wow- they do look alike. I’m sure you will get asked that question a time or two.

    We really liked the sloppy joe recipe from Deceptively Delish. The choc. chip cookies were, “Good, but not the best I’ve ever had” according to Zach. Dream Dinners is another one I got out of the library- same idea of cooking once, freezing for future making 3-6 meals. Lime chicken was the BEST!

    Happy Cooking!

  2. Keep us posted on how your new recipes with you new cookbook turn out. I’m searching for ways to make good meals that I can freeze some of, since I’m often just cooking for Alex and I. BTW, the kids are SO cute and really do look a lot alike!

  3. Looking at the picture of Davey and Sam, I remember thinking when you were pregnant (as I do with all my expectant friends)…what is this baby going to look like? You just can’t even imagine…and then they come out and just ARE who they are and you can’t imagine NOT knowing what they’ll look like or who they’ll be. Fun times. Give those cuties a squeeze for me.

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