a new towel



everyone deserves a personalized towel at least once in their life. davey’s had one for well over a year now. he has quite a stack of towels, actually. super cute ones. sam, however, has only one. so she’s been using all of the yellow or otherwise "gender neutral" hooded towels that davey owns. she does have one towel with pink (thank you, lisa!). but last week, mom #3 came through for sweet sam!


ann kovalik (aka: mom #3) is the mother of a very good friend of mine. jenn and i spent so much time together when we were younger that i started calling ann "mom #2" but then when i got married, she had to move to #3. (she was okay with that change, though, b/c when her sons got married i moved from daughter #2 to daughter #4! but i digress….). ann made a personalized, hooded towel for davey (a blue towel with striped letters and striped fishes) and i recently asked her if i could purchase a personalized towel for sam. she won’t let me pay her, but she did make a beautiful hooded towel for sam….


brown & pink and polka dots…. SO CUTE! i think sam likes it, too…. what do you think?!

3 thoughts on “a new towel

  1. Oh my goodness! I LOVE those towels….they’re the best. And that’s the cutest one I’ve ever seen!! Very fun! (It’s the small things, huh?!) :D

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