5 months



oh. my. heavens. i’m lucky to keep my days straight… forget having the correct DATE in my mind. what an awful mom i am to write such things about sweet little samantha on her 5-month birthday. sheesh! she is a stinker. she’s not sleeping well. but i could’ve written that on a different day! (and last night i only had to get up twice – that’s an improvement over 4 times)!


so today we will celebrate samantha’s 5th month birthday. and nana (my mom)’s xxth birthday. truth be told, i no longer remember how old she is. seriously. and i can’t remember the year she was born. so mom, i guess you can be however old you want to be! so in honor of two birthdays, two photos from just over a month ago:


nana with her youngest granddaughter. i call them [the photos] "big yawn" and "true joy."


and mom, i apologize in advance that your present was mailed today. i know. i know. you got my card here in time for my birthday (well, a day late since my birthday was on MLK day this year which meant no mail service) but i have failed. but i got your gift in the mail on your birthday… that’s a pretty good second, right?! you should have it in 2-3 days.


this photo was taken this morning:


samantha at 5 months:

- 16 pounds 3.5 ounces (i had her "officially" weighed this morning)

- eats rice cereal and seems to like it

- is no respecter of beverages – nursing, formula and pumped milk are equally tasty

- has bigger thighs than davey ever had

- has started growling. yes. growling. it’s so cute.

- told me a whole story this morning. so sweet.

- still wearing 3-6 month clothing (some stuff is getting too short!)

- may have rolled over from back to tummy twice this week (or maybe davey rolled her?)

- likes music

- gives the BIGGEST smiles i’ve ever seen!

- should be in size 3 diapers but i’m trying (desperately) to use up her size 2s

- LOVES to watch her big brother do EVERYTHING

- can pull herself to a standing position

- holds her head up very well

- is drooling like a mad fiend

- LOVES when people talk to/with her

- is often found with her hand or fingers or thumb in her mouth

- still not a fan of bath-time

- still has some baby dry-skin issues



2 thoughts on “5 months

  1. Happy birthday to Nanna (who looks terrific, by the way) and also our adorable Sam! Don’t we have wonderful grand children?!

  2. I can’t believe Sam is 5 months already! I love the little sweater she’s in. Cami didn’t have very many sweaters, but I always thought they looked so sweet. Give those punkins a squeeze and kiss for Auntie Meg.

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